Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Thieving Mr Hill

Yanks 2 Jays 3

Beating the Yankees isn't as fun as it once was. I'm not sorry for the win, but this team is just sad. Where is the evil, boys?

Shaun Marcum pitched a very effective 6 innings, holding the once mighty Yankee bats to 2 hits and no runs. Little Scottie Downs gave up a HR to a limping Giambi. And then in the 7th, Aaron "A-Dog" Hill, hanging out casually at third base and BROKE FOR HOME. HE STOLE HOME! It wasn't the winning run. Yankees felt like they still had to play. But shoot, it was fun. Hill was yelling, the team was yelling, the fans were yelling, Jamie Campbell was yelling. I quietly high-fived my dad and he said "well, that was neat." Yes, it was.

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