Friday, 1 June 2007

Baseball is sometimes a very cruel game, as Mark Buerhle discovered last night. The dude only gives up 2 hits and pitches a complete game. But takes the loss because those two hits were Hill and Hurt homers. No other Jay even got on base.

Roy Halladay, 19 days removed from an appendectomy, pitched himself a honey (as Jerry Howarth calls them). 7 ks, 0 runs. He looks very lean. He did have his smoked salmon glow, which was more apparent because he shaved his scruff. Doc now is sporting a little AJ-style goatee. I'll be watching to see if AJ has a Doc style scruff when he pitches tonight.

Chi Sox 0 Jays 2

And wise Jeff Blair has the whole ARod thing summed up perfectly:

ARod never pulls this on Troy, because Troy is respected in the game and Troy would kick his ass.

It isn't something that happens all the time and is different when guys in the dugout call out stuff to a 3rd baseman in foul territory.
Giambi should've taken one to the ribs. Benches clear, ejections, fines, whatever. The umps screwed up the call and Arod thinks he can do this. Inform him he can't.

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