Friday, 7 September 2007

Back in Blue

Well, I arrived home Wednesday night and Vernon Wells greeted me with a game-winning homerun (after being in a "coma", according to my father) which I slept through because of jet-lag. During my three-week sojourn in the land of DiMaggio, the boys did awesome things (sweep of Seattle, but my dad said that was like kicking a corpse) and sort of mediocre to crappy things (Doc losing his cool two nights ago after a bad call and giving up a whack of runs). So, in short, they played like the 2007 Toronto Blue Jays.

And now, Troy Glaus is being accused by SI of ordering steroids from 2003-2004. Don't they usually use it for injury repair and if he used them, wouldn't he now not move around like an 85 year-old? Just sayin'.

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