Thursday, 31 July 2008

Old Dudes get moved around

So Pudge for Farnsworth. Pudge is a hall of famer, past his prime, but the Yankees need to fill Jorge "dumbo" Posada's void. I wonder if Pudge will f-bomb AJ if AJ gets a little too rowdy wiht his celebrating. Farnsworth, with all the finger licking, seems like a total perv. But perv or no, the Tigers need pitching.

Junior leaves the Reds after 9 and a half seasons for the White Sox.

The Marlins want Manny. Complicated 3 way trade with Pirates, Marlins and Red Sox fell apart. Manny claims peace of mind has no price. Things are peaceful in Toronto, especially if we dump JP. Cito is chill, Doc is chill, Vernon sometimes seems on the verge of a coma. Come on down, Manny!!

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