Thursday, 14 May 2009

Can We Still Hang?

From DJF, who got it from Batter's Box.

Vernon: Aaaw, shit is gonna go down...this is so gonna mess up dinner plans....

Travis: That mean man k'd me a bunch of times. Get him, Roy!

Marco: Pitch inside to me, will you? Keep walking, cabron or I fuck you up. No one pitches inside to el Scutaro! Hijo de puta, te voy a sacar la mierda! Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madre....

AJ: Good game. Can we still be cool? Don't hate me! I love you!

Roy: I never loved you and you are dead to me now.


  1. Lunchbox's hair looks all fucked up.

    And the look on Vernon's face is too priceless.

  2. if this dream season continues for our boys in Toronto, the look Roy has here explains why...

  3. Joanna, you've really topped your game with this post. I'm LOLing.

  4. It was especially fun imagining Scutaro's filthy mouth.