Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Prodigal Bitch Returns

There he is. I remember this guy. It was vintage, non-contract year AJ. Flashes of brilliance, pitching with one's dick and fuck ups. And the crowd booed his ass.

“I knew it was going to happen. I just kept saying, ‘One pitch at a time, one pitch at a time,' and any time I heard it, I said it to myself louder.”

He must have been screaming at himself, because Johnny Damon said the booing in Toronto for AJ was worse than what Damon got when he returned to Fenway for the first time. That's impressive, because Boston is full of assholes. Wow, I guess we were pissed. Maybe almost as pissed as when Doc gave up the shut out.

Doc finally gets some love from ESPN. It shouldn't matter, but it's nice. Watching the game last night, it got kind of inevitable. Of course Doc was going to win and AJ was going to disappoint. Everything was as it should be.

Sign of the night? "Someone call the Doctor, A-Rod needs a shot." Also awesome, telling AJ he looks fat in stripes.

Almost forgotten, AARON HILL who hit a home run which finally put AJ out of his misery.


  1. Jays fans have a right to be pissed when the AL East has been the prime example over the last decade of how non-level the playing field is in MLB. Fuck the Yankees and their shi-shi new stadium, their overrated and expensive free agents and their shitty farm system. Last night AJ was rightfully on the receiving end for his douchebaggery last season, his greed, and the new team he represents. The baseball gods got him back and the Jays clearly outclassed the Yankees.

    First place! WOO!

  2. There were some Yankee fans sitting behind me who couldn't get why we were on AJ. "I thought he pitched well for you guys?" I explained the opt-out and defection to our division rivals and they still didn't get it. (Anyway, they were obnoxious and I loved razzing them until they moved.)

    Worse then Fenway? That's impressive.

  3. The Prodigal Bitch certainly lived up to his 5+ ERA.

    Great performance by Doc, and a great performance by Toronto. That place was rocking last night.