Sunday, 8 August 2010

Nowhere to go but Down

"Jeez, Mills. You've changed since you left Vegas."

Watching the highlights yesterday with my dad, he turned to me and said "Well, I guess they have some power." And then laughed with glee. Yeah, I guess they do.

The look on James Shields' face got progressively more nauseous as the game went on. A look that said "No, please, not that. Anything but that!"

Arencibia had the most magical Jays debut since a certain pitcher was pink, round and efficient. So magical it was historically magically. 4 for 5, 2 homers (I think he'll fit in here) and a triple short of the cycle. "I could never have imagined this, ever." Aw.

Let's just ignore the fact that while the boys scored 17 runs, they gave up 11. 11!!!!! WTF bullpen.

Oh and someone's hip is not efficient anymore and he has found himself back on the DL. And Carlos Delgado, offensive dreamboat, signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox. Ugh.


  1. Carlos Delgado is indeed an "offensive dreamboat." Always and forever.

  2. I always forget how flippin' handsome he is.

  3. I'll always remember, rather fondly, his smile.

    It's no joke: Carlos Delgado lights up the room.