Sunday, 26 September 2010

Jose Bautista: Not a Cab Driver

Apologies. Been sick and not up to posting. I did post on Twitter, which I almost always do for game days. So if you are missing bon mots from me, Twitter is the place to find them. Strep throat also means I couldn't go to the big Twitter/blogger meet up of the century that I was invited to. You can read about that on Twitter, too. I did and am now green with envy.

The long delayed Jay Date with Archi (aka the event of the year) is scheduled to happen on Wednesday, the last home game vs the Yankees.

So anyway, stuff happened, like 50th, 51st and 52nd homeruns by Jose Bautista and a pretty hilarious walk off homer from Lyle Overbay. Why hilarious? It's the 11th inning, Cito says to Lyle "How about number 20 right now?" Lyle says, "All right." And does it, with a "Well, check that out..." look on his face.

The Orioles must really hate playing in Toronto. They haven't won here since August 2009. And because of that, they might be feeling a wee bit ornery. And who better to take it out on than the league leading homer dude? Twice. So Cito, do you think the plunks were intentional? “Well, it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with him being a cab driver." Touche, Clarence. Touche.

All the plunking tore a strip off of starter and resident bulldog Shaun Marcum, “I guess that’s how they do things over there,” he said. “I think we have a little more respect for the game and respect for players on other teams. We’re not going to throw at them on purpose, even if they have 50-plus homers.It is part of baseball, I understand you have to pitch people inside, but to bring a guy in from the bullpen and throw two pitches at him and then get ejected, it seemed like it was very intentional.”

Fun for next year.


  1. Wasn't it Bautista who said something along the lines of the Orioles being push overs earlier in the year? I seem to remember some Blue Jay reporters saying it wasn't the smartest of things to announce to the media. Or maybe it was someone else??

  2. OrioLOLes.

    We missed you yesterday, Joanna.

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