Monday, 5 September 2011

SOSH is What Happens

I had a very busy weekend so I only saw a few games sporadically over the weekend. Romero pitched fairly well, battled but didn't get the benefit of the Yankee strike zone. And to the people who get on Bautista for have discussions about the strike zone after striking out. Well, all of the Yankees do it and they do it several times during an at bat. And their stadium remains a joke.

Jeff Blair joined Gregg Zaun and Jamie Campbell in their pre game show. They discussed their choices for their MVP, Cy Young and ROY for each league. Blair chose Curtis Granderson for AL MVP and said that, like it or not, people only vote for players from contending teams. Jeff? That may be true, but that doesn't make it right. Pick who deserves it, not the one you think might win so you look clever if it comes true.

If you put Granderson or Ellsbury or (shudder) Pedroia into the Jays lineup do the Jays suddenly get vaulted into first place? Is that true of any player?

The Red Sox came off a weekend series where they got knocked around by the Rangers at Fenway so both teams limped into the Rogers Centre on Labour Day.

A Red Sox-Jays game means I have to go visit my good friends at SOSH, who ask "Do they even have Labour Day in Canada?"

Josh Beckett cruised until the 4th and left with extreme sucking (actual reason was a sore ankle.) He said post game that he fell during his bullpen session but didn't feel it until the last two pitches of his outing. He fell?

Beckett has a sprained right ankle. Could have been a lot worse
Yes, we could've had to continue to watch him take his sweet time to throw a pitch.

Henderson Alvarez has so much promise and has so much raw stuff it's very exciting to watch.

They're fucking awful right now. Just got shut down by a Double-A starter.
Yes, well very few great pitchers manifest randomly from a crowd of people. Some actually have to pitch some kind of level of the game before making it to the big leagues. Plus, have you seen this kid's stuff????

Alvarez hits 95 pitches at the end of 6. Delicate but crunchy morsels of Blue Jay relievers can't be far away.
This guy is going to be really disappointed.

The game carried on with no score. And the SOSH game thread becomes stale and dull,Youkilis strikes out looking and has his customary little spaz at the call.

STFU Youk, that shit was right down the pipe.
On occasion these people have a moment of clarity, and it is just really scary.

If the pipe was in the rh batters box
And order is restored.

I love it when these people complain about the strike zone.

DeWayne Wise made an amazing catch to rob Crawford of a sure triple and they complained about their luck. Bautista couldn't make a catch

Bautista's a shitty defender.
Just don't.

On a day where Beckett is injured and the bullpen steps up to shut down the Jays, what a letdown it would be if the Sox offense loses this game.
Yeah, a letdown.

Is Francisco the guy who threw a folding chair into the stands?
Yes. Now we just hope he throws strikes.

I thought they don't celebrate Labor Day in Canada. Why are Sox bats taking the day off?
It takes two seconds to find out the history of Labour Day. Canada had it about 8 years before the States.

Jonathan Papelbon put me (and much of Twitter) into fits and not because his stuff is so amazing. Why he is allowed to take so much time between pitches, I don't know. It took him 24 minutes to throw 27 pitches. I think baseball needs to enforce the never enforced time between pitches when there is no one on rule, and create a rule where the pitcher has a certain amount of time to either make a pitch or throw to a base if someone is on. If they fail to do so, it's a ball or a balk. For the sake of the game. For the sake of my sanity.

I wonder if Sox fans notice what the pace of the pitching does to the game?

What are those idiots booing at?
I guess not.

Are the citizens of Toronto always this irritable?
No, your team just brings it out in us.

Papelbon finally got his 3rd out and Shawn Camp took about 2.5 seconds to retire the Sox.

Things felt dire, but there was a glimmer of hope.

I hope for the best, but this game has the 'bullshit bloop double down the line' feeling to win it for Toronto in the 15th inning.
If by "bullshit bloop double down the line", you mean "walk off bomb by rookie phenom Gordie Dougie", you are so right.

Lawrie is a fucking douche.
I once hoped that Lawrie would be so energetically good, the Sox fans would hate him as much as Jays fans hate Pedroia. You have arrived, Brett!!!

Am I the only one who thought that tongue thing was a little excessive? I don't know if someone SHOULD throw at him, but if I was pitching tomorrow I would.
For those used to one who pumps his fist like an asshole after getting a mid season save from the Royals, Lawrie sticking his tongue while circling the bases after his first walk off homer would seem excessive.

The Rays aren't catching them, unless the Sox go into a complete free fall.
Something to look forward to!

Just enjoy this.

"Brett Lawrie is a STAR!"- Alan Ashby

The Tao of Stieb wondered over Twitter what is going on in the minds and souls of Red Sox fans that have to watch this shit all summer.

I think I know what happens to those who watch the Red Sox on a consistent basis. SOSH is what happens.


  1. 'Bautista's a shitty defender.'

    and i'm sure that's why scutaro held up at third on ellsbury's double earlier in the game. you know because bautista didn't get to the ball in the corner fuckin' quick and rocketed it back to the infield on a perfect line to the cut off man for the relay that would have beaten him to the plate handily had he tried to score.

  2. and I also know that occasionally Bautista takes bad routes to balls, but he often makes fantastic catches and has that ridiculous arm.

    I also know that this dude is "wicked smaht" as Massholes would put it, so there is that, too.

  3. I love SOSH games Joanna!!