Monday, 16 April 2012


I felt a little nauseous when I read an Adam Jones tweet about going for the sweep, but luckily #42 came to play.

In his first two starts, #42 has demonstrated his off-season evolution from the shit-baller he was in 2011 to this far more calm, contained, poised and all around less shitty pitcher he is today.

And #42 is appreciating the football analogies used to explain it. Farrell compared his pitching last year to a linebacker:

“I guess I can see that. They [linebackers] just want to attack, kind of what I did last year. I’ve had to change up to quarterback, and think more and make the most right decisions I can.”

Yes, the most right decisions is usually the best course of action. It helps when the most right decisions are surrounded by an offensive awakening.

"Everyone swung the bats well today," said Blue Jays third baseman #42, who went 2-for-4 with three RBIs and connected on his first homer of the season. #42 made a questionable attempt at stealing home in the previous game. But apparently, it wasn't so stupid-he just needed to slide better.

The big inning was the 6th inning.#42 finally looked a little less sad with a double on a sharp line drive to centre.  #42 homered to left field, scoring #42.  #42 singled to centre. A speedy #42 walked.Some guy, I don't know who he is,but he was wearing #42,  singled. # 42 doubled on a fly ball to centre.

How about # 42? His blossoming as an offensive threat so far this season makes me wish my half-hearted endorsement of him in the National Post was full-hearted.

Mr. John has noticed:

 "What # 42 has done right from the start of the season, really going back to the start of Spring Training, he's been a legitimate middle-of-the-order bat," manager John Farrell said. "When you look at the finish of the swing, a two-handed finish versus the top-hand release [from last year], it makes him more compact, keeps his hands closer to his body and allows him to stay inside the baseball. ... It hasn't taken away from his power."

#42 smiles are the best smiles.

As for why everyone was wearing #42, here is an infographic about him. In addition to being a brave human being, he was also ONE HELL OF A BALLPLAYER.

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