Sunday, 29 April 2012

I Get a Good Feeling

The following post contains vital information. So the Toronto Star had an article about José Bautista's search for a new walk up song. I remember Bautista putting it out on Twitter and he didn't like my suggestions (he retweeted the ones he liked.) The article mentions the suggestion of Kanye, and a remix of "Power" was one of mine. I never got on board with "OMG", although the "oh oh oh oh" suits.

So the Star compiled the list of all the songs. Adam Lind's choice of  "Thoia Thoing" by R.Kelly is enjoyable because it reminds of club times back when I did more of that and it has a ridiculous hook. It's just so early aughts, even though I find R. Kelly quite repugnant. Omar Vizquel's choice of Rush is great because it's just eclectic enough to suit him.

Also, I'm not sure about the Star's claim (or maybe it's Lawrie's claim) that his walk up music is a mix of Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" and Avicii's "Levels", a mix that he did himself on his iPad with an app.  Except, the Flo Rida song already uses the Avicii song as it's base. The Avicii song uses an old Nina Simone song as it's hook (that's Simone you hear in "Oh, oh sometimes/ I get a good feeling/yeah.") So I don't know how much remixing Lawrie did on the track that was already a mix of the two songs, because it sounded a lot like a regular version of Levels" when I heard it. So, I don't get it. Unless the app is used to make the user think that they remixed a song.  Apple is sneaky that way.

But my favourite on the list is:

Henderson Alvarez- Spanish music by Unknown artist

That's some crack research right there, folks.

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