Monday, 23 April 2012

Touching Me....Touching You

I was once told if I was going to watch this game, I was going to have to toughen up. And I'm certainly trying to now that the Jays have taken the first three from the Royals over a weekend of really fun baseball.

See, the problem is is that I pity the Royals. This team hasn't won at home all season. The Royals are a young-ish team and Kansas City is a baseball town. The AL Central, being the AL Central, is often semi-wide open and given the right moves, any of those teams might make hay. So I feel a little bad. And I really shouldn't.

Because Lawrie successfully stole home and did some of the most entertaining base running ever. Because Colby Rasmus, who had a two homer night on Saturday, has a swing  so beautiful it's gasp-worthy. Because the infield has been so slick lately, illustrated perfectly when it turned a triple play on Friday. Because Edwin Encarnacion continues to make me wish my half-hearted pre-season prediction that he was going to break out was given my full heart. Because Ricky Romero is pitching like a man who is demanding to be challenged and is rising to meet each one.

The Boston Red Sox situation continues to be both strange and amusing. While Chicago's Phil Humber was throwing a perfect game, I was witnessing some of the worst pitching I've ever seen from both the Yankees and the Red Sox.  Ok, so the Red Sox blew Yankee starter Freddy Garcia out of the game with a 9-spot before the 6th inning. And then they descended into the seventh circle of hell known as shitty bullpen pitching. The Yankees scored 15 unanswered runs and won 15-9.  They scored those runs in four innings of work. They did this on  a weekend that was celebrating Fenway's 100th anniversary, I think to remind Red Sox fans of the suffering of their forefathers. This is what 86 years of Bambino curses, Bill Buckners, Bucky Dents and Aaron Boones feels like.

As quoted in SOSH:

"15 unanswered runs for the Yankees. LET'S SING SWEET CAROLINE! SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD!"

Touching me....touching you.

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  1. Having the Boston Red Sox at the bottom of the AL East hasn't surprised me... it's been the Orioles at the top! I'm still shocked they took 2 of 3 against the Blue Jays last week. Granted, I'm sure things will turn around, and they'll get into a slump, but amongst all of the woes to the Yankees rotation and the Boston bullpen, people have seemed to ignored the fact that the Orioles are leading the AL East!