Saturday, 26 May 2012


Seriously, what the hell was that?

I know the Texas Rangers are good.  Many say they are the best lineup up in baseball.  I don't really get the people that said the Angels were going to win the West.

It was ugly from the first at bat by Ian Kinsler. Morrow battled him for 14 pitches and lost him, and it really felt like the wheels fell off. Texas put up a 6 spot and Morrow lasted 2/3 of an inning. And Nelson Cruz happened. And happened again a few innings later and again against Jason Frasor, with a . Cruz had eight RBI and robbed Lawrie of a double in right field.

Let's look at some positives:

1. Edwin Encarnacion hit his 15th homer and for a moment, things felt a little less like we were spending an evening in hell.

2. Jose Bautista hit a 2 run single, and continues to just look better.

3. Colby Rasmus hit the ball on the button all night, with just a double to show for his efforts.

4. Jeff Mathis pitched to save an arm in the bullpen, and became the only Jays pitcher to not give up a run.

5. No one died.

The home plate umpire called this low/inside (to righties) a strike against the Jays. It wasn't. He called Bautista out looking on it and he called Lawrie out on it, too. Lawrie tucked his chin down and went back to the dugout and Bautista had some words. Tabler and Martinez went on about how the Jays need to take their lumps or something to that effect, but I think this is bullshit. Just call the damn game.  The Rangers had a sizeable lead and the Jays weren't really solving Holland, do you really think they need the help?

Farrell was chirping about the strike zone.  The umpire, to his credit, called Adrian Beltre out on the same pitch. Beltre amused me greatly by arguing. Take your lumps, Adrian.

Today is a new day and new game. I hope Alvarez looks good today.

Blue Jays Talk was legendary last night. There was a guy who called the Jays one of the worst franchises in all of North America. And he said he was being analytical. Another guy called himself a "Baseball God" and also called Mike "Mark".  And pined for "Gino Gonzalez", "PJ Wilson" and Mark Buerhle from "the Cubs".

Scroll down on Mike's blog to see this amazing comment:

Can you please look at pictures of Romero last year and the year before compared to this year? Even towards the end of last year I thought he was putting on weight. When I saw him in the spring it was quite obvious…he has not quite Brett Cecil’ed himself in terms of weight gain, but I am wondering if his lack of conditioning has something to do with his struggles? I mean, it may not be a huge factor, but it can’t help. Also, what is the deal with all of these walks from almost everyone?? It is driving me nuts- basbeball-etically anyway, it’s not really affecting my life though.

Lack of conditioning? Romero is a freaking beast.  Whatever his issue is, it isn't because he is out of shape.

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