Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Look at Reddick's hair. That, combined with the yellow in the unis, are perfect visuals for my feelings.

I'm still not quite sure what happened.  I saw Rajai Davis on third and Omar Vizquel in for Arencibia. I had a problem with this for two reasons. One is it is totally unfair to Vizquel to sit him all the time and then expect him to perform with the game on the line. Yes, the argument could be made that the Jays should just cut ties if they aren't going to play him, but I'm not going go that far. The other reason is that why not just asked Arencibia to drop down a bunt? The A's are likely expecting Arencibia to swing away. Or, I don't know, just have Arencibia swing away! This isn't the National League. This isn't the Dodgers.

It temporarily seemed like Kelly Johnson was going to save the day when he swung away and hit a single to finally score Davis. But then, instead of using Oliver for the ninth inning after a very easy eighth, Farrell brings in Cordero. I Twitter-yelled "NO COCO." Cordero doesn't have fastball command. It was not a good idea. It ended with a walk-off grand slam to Brandon Inge.  Bautista was moved in as fifth infielder right before Coco grooved one, just to round out the feelings of insanity. 

Brandon Morrow goes at 3:30 pm and I'm hoping it'll be a palate cleanser. Because that was ugly.

Just a short note on something that happened a few days ago. Cole Hamels, of the Phillies-for reasons I'm not completely sure of- plunked rookie hot shot Bryce Harper, of the Nationals. Cole Hamels proceeded to admit to throwing at the kid on purpose, for excessive sass, and was suspended five games. Admitting to it was really stupid on Hamels part, but the actually act was not that dumb.

It was not a beaning. A bean ball is at a guy's head and that's not ok. It is completely within the unwritten rules to plunk a guy in the middle back or butt for a perceived lack of respect or whatever you want to call it. Cole Hamels has enough control to get the ball where he wants.  If he wanted to hit Harper's head, he could've.  It's up to the Nationals pitcher to level out the situation by plunking the Phillies hottest hitter. I'm not saying hum a 98 mph fastball in there, but a BP fastball to the gluteus would do. Since it's the National League, plunk Hamels' ass. That would probably make him think twice. (ETA- I went back and read the game story. They did plunk Hamels and Hamels considers the situation levelled.)  

Bryce Harper, with the hair and the flash, is a hot shot. Some people have compared him to Brett Lawrie. Lawrie plays with a lot of swag and a lot of energy.  I'm actually a little surprised no one has plunked him, but maybe he has been respectful enough.  I don't know.  It's a balance and these things tend to govern themselves.  These people aren't psychotics barely restrained by the League's fear of escalating retaliation.

Can we talk about the batters with the armoured arms, so armoured so they can stand on the plate and eliminate the edges for the pitchers? Cause that's some bullshit. 

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