Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Humble and Appreciative Ball

Sunday featured a very necessary win for the Blue Jays, highlighted by a totally boss performance by Drew Hutchison and a three-run Bomb of Beauty by Jose Bautista.

“Once again I was able to find my arm slot and get into a good rhythm out there,” Hutchison said. “The offence did a great job putting numbers on the board early. I just stayed with (catcher) J.P. (Arencibia) really and the defence was playing great so it was another good outing.”


Both Yunel Escobar and Edwin Encarnacion were hit in the hands by an extremely wild Daniel Bard.

Encarnacion ended up leaving the game, but x-rays were negative on his hand and he's day to day.

Hutchison plunked Youkilis, who was irate about it in his very Youkilis kind of way. I'm not sure of the intent on Hutchison's part, not when he is ahead 0-2. Kelly Shoppach was also plunked, but he leaned into a slider and took one for the team. Francisco Cordero amused me greatly by pitching up on Youkilis his next at bat, I think to congratulate him on his earlier performance.

Drew Fairservice wrote a post about the Phillies' not using Papelbon enough, criticizing them for being "save slaves" when it came to using their closer. Rather than some traditional, old school reason, I thought it was mostly because watching Papelbon pitch is just so damn annoying and Manuel is an impatient old man.

Well, from Drew's keyboard to Charlie Manuel's game plan, Jonathan Papelbon came into pitch in a tied game against the Dodgers. And then promptly blew the tie. The commentators brought up the "closer ERA" and I think I could hear the muffled bang of Drew's head exploding.

Papelbon had issues with home plate umpire D.J. Reyburn. Reyburn had tossed Don Mattingly's impressive chin for arguing about the strike zone and also tossed Dodgers' bench coach Trey Hillman. Papelbon was convinced that he had struck Dee Gordon out before Gordon ripped a triple and Papelbon let the umpire have it.

“I just wanted to ask him if he could throw me out for what I was thinking,” Papelbon said. “He was terrible all night. He probably needs to go back to Triple-A. If you don't do your job, you get demoted or fired. It affected the outcome of the game.”

For the first time, I went to Brooks Baseball to check things out for myself.


I don't know if I should be outraged by the shit call or amused at Papelbon's outrage, which is both righteous because it was truly a shit call and hilarious because it is Papelbon.

Jays drafted 19 year old outfielder DJ Davis 17th overall on the first day of the draft  Davis' calling card is his speed. He is considered one of the fastest players available, posting an unofficial 60 yard dash time of 6.4 seconds. I checked out his Twitter, and if people think Lawrie is extreme, they should read this kid tweet about working out and girls. 

And I thought we might be in to some good old fashioned #jerkball. But then I read this article where his coach is quoted as saying, "He is the most level-headed, humble kid I've ever been around.  To him, every day is just another day. No matter what's going on or who is at the park watching him, he's just another one of the guys. He doesn't separate himself from his teammates. He actually shies away from the glory. He's a real team guy."

That's not #jerkball. That's #humbleandappreciativeball.

I would like to take exception to something stated on the DJF podcast yesterday, about the Jays being the least likely in the AL East to make the playoffs. One of them, I'm going to say Parkes, said that the Jays are less likely than even Baltimore because Baltimore got off to "such a hot start." Yes, so hot they are a whole three games up on the Jays and Sox in the bottom. Now, I wouldn't argue the Jays are the best team in the East, but I think they have the goods to at least hang around.  They need to avoid the "June swoon" that has plagued them in recent years, and that starts tonight in Chicago.

Thanks for the shout out, though.

 It was an off-day for the Jays and they played some charity golf for JaysCare.  One of the best things about golf day is seeing what the boys wear. JP Arencibia wore hot pink shorts. It might be difficult for many a man to pull them off, but I think JP did. Should you decide that you are man enough, they appear to be Sligowear golf shorts in "Savannah" and they are available here.

Jeff Mathis said the team had a chance to play golf together in Spring Training, and said that Darren Oliver had "a sneaky-good game." I get the sense that Oliver is sneaky-good at a lot of stuff.  "I like to golf, I enjoy it, not very good at it, but it's nice to be out here and be with the boys," Mathis said. "I feel like the Blue Jays and this organization does a really good job of supporting and helping the kids out. It's nice to be able to do stuff like this and for everybody to be a part of it. Everybody is on board, everybody knows what this is about and knows about the Jays Care Foundation. We are just happy to come out here and support it."

I found myself in a Twitter argument with Dirk Hayhurst yesterday, and I'm not entirely sure why. I am fine with being disagreed with, but I am usually prepared for it when that happens because I'm usually aware when I'm being disagreeable. And I'm not sure I ever disagreed with any thing he was saying, I might have just been a bit obtuse in my 140 characters.  Hayhurst seems to have a bee in his bonnet over something.

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