Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I know I've been neglecting this space, but now I know I have to write something. Travis Snider got traded to the Pirates last night for a relief pitcher/spot starter named Brad Lincoln.

 I don't like it. Yes, that's reactionary and completely motivated by my feelings, but that's what it is. It pisses me off.

Snider was with this team for a long time, which is maybe part of the reason I'm having issues with this.

Halladay, Wells and Hill were also with the team a long time, but their trades felt like the logical next step. They were given ample opportunity to live up to their potential and contribute to the team and it just seemed like their time to move on.

 I wanted Travis Snider to play left field for this team. I think he was rushed to the majors initially and struggled because of it, and was painted with the "not a big league hitter" unfairly. Because he was promoted so early, people considered Snider a bust even though he's only 24.

 Snider was someone who had been through a lot in his young life. When he was a teenager, Snider lost his grandmother and grandfather and a coach he had been very close to in a span of about two years. His parents got divorced, and his mother, after being hospitalized with pneumonia, lapsed into a two-week coma and suffered memory loss and liver damage when Snider was 14. She was on the road to recovery when she died in a car accident.  Which is basically a cosmic kick in the face.

"Obviously, my dream was to have both parents there at my first big-league game. But I know she's up there with my grandma and grandpa and friends and coaches that have passed on before me, looking down on me. I take them to heart every day before I step on the field."

Snider struggled with anger-management as a teenager, and put a lot of work in to overcome it. He has been described by many to be incredibly mature and hard working. And now Travis Snider is a Pittsburgh Pirate.

He is in a play off race, will call an extremely beautiful stadium home and get to play with maybe the best centre fielder in the game.

 I rolled my eyes a bit at the people on Twitter saying that this might be for the best and that he will blossom for the Pirates. I guess I'm selfish, but I want guys to blossom for my team. And I'm sorry, judging by the current crop of outfielders the Jays are running out there, Snider should've been playing left field every day. Since April.

 And yes, the jury is still out on Lincoln. But I do think the guy I think should be the every day starting left fielder is worth more than a Pirates' pitcher few had heard of.

I guess my issue is that I'm used to this team being the place guys are given the opportunity to begin again and rebuild. It has been for Bautista, for Encarnacion, for Morrow, for Rasmus and for Escobar. This organization jerked Snider around and gave him away. And at this time, I really, really don't like it.

 Here's Travis talking to people in Fenway  

 One of my favourite pics of Snider just because of the whole context. His hair, his bewildered face (He's right under Burnett's chin, btw)

And this....it's mostly the Lind parts that are hilarious, just because Lind is just so Lind, but Travis watched the Score, you guys.

This post is dedicated to Sarah Findlay, the biggest Travis Snider fan there is. She once told me a tidbit about Snider that makes me smile to this day.


  1. Solid outfielder, bad hitter. I think this is a good trade for Blue Jays. Lincoln is going to be a good end guy to set up Santos next year.

  2. I hate losing Travis, but the Pirates seem to appreciate him at his true worth and the Jays don't, so this may be wonderful for him.

  3. Travis Snider is not a bad hitter. He is an unproven hitter.

    And who knows if the Pirates will appreciate anyone.

  4. The guy had many chances and failed. I am sorry the Pirates can have him.


    This team is full of players that had failed earlier and pulled it together later in their 20s. Writing a player off at 24 is idiotic.

  6. Hold on, you can't tease us. What's the tidbit? Some of us need something to smile about with this trade.