Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Apropos of Nothing

I am not in possession of enough thoughts for a complete and well-rounded post, so this will be a collection of thoughts.

Colby Rasmus pinch hit last night, and got a single. I hope he bottled all of that ovation and love he got when he walked out and keeps it for when he feels low. There is some serious love for that dude in this city. I had a Twitter conversation last month with Will Leitch, baseball writer and fan of St.Louis, who was visiting Toronto for a series.  He told me he loved how popular Rasmus was here. (Leitch also followed me for an hour, and then unfollowed. It was fun there for a minute.)

Colby Rasmus' groin is clearly still hurting because Omar Vizquel pinch ran for him. To be fair, Colby currently has the groin of a 46 year old, so the 45 year old Vizquel was a better option. Rasmus is in tonight at DH, and is fighting tooth and nail trying to avoid hitting the DL and joining 3/4 of the rest of the team. 

Speaking of Omar Vizquel, many in the blogosphere and on Twitter were debating the value of Vizquel being on the team. I'm of the belief that he provides leadership to the younger Latin players, in a new league, a new country and a new culture. Doing that invests in the future of the team, because it is an investment in an important stage in their development.

He likely isn't blocking any ones development or advancement, it's not like they have a field in Vegas that grows middle infielders like Cabbage Patch Kids. I'm having trouble seeing the burden of having Vizquel taking up a roster spot. Yes, they are finite, but it doesn't seem like the team is bending over backwards trying to accommodate him.  It's now 3/4 of the way through a season Vizquel has announced will be his last. Maybe the team just likes him. And some don't believe in the value of having leaders, but I do. And it's fine if you disagree. 

Jason Frasor feels fine throwing from 120 ft, and will try to get back to the mound early next week and reclaim our hearts as The Sausage King of Chicago ASAP. Brandon Morrow will likely return to the team after a rehab start on Tuesday in New Hampshire.

Look at this wistful picture of Jose Bautista.

Wistfully wistful. Even his ears are searching for lost dreams. 

Henderson Alvarez pitched very well last night, a 180 from his previous start versus Tampa. The result was the same, but other than that unfortunate brain fart that somehow allowed him to think that throwing to David Cooper at first when Wise wasn't even thinking about running was a good idea, he looked good. The error resulted in the winning run.

“(Alvarez) was much more efficient,” Mr. John said. “I thought the timing of his delivery was improved. He threw the ball well.”

I am of the opinion that Moises Sierra didn't step out of the base path until he got plunked by AJ Pierzynski in the back as he was running to first base. I think Pierzynski hurt his hand and got angry, and fired the ball at Sierra out of frustration. It was borderline. What isn't borderline is Pierzynski's status as an asshole.

Carlos Villanueva, while he doesn't want to talk about his arm ever again, he really wanted to talk to Mike Wilner about his future as a Blue Jay. Sign him, AA. SIGN HIM NOW.

Already re-upped is Mr. Jeff Mathis, who was signed to a two year extension worth 3 million dollars. They also signed Yorvit Torreabla. I like this signing because they need a stop gap catcher with Arencibia on the DL and d'Arnaud done for the season with a wrecked knee. I also like it because I like saying "Torrealba." Rolls off the tongue. And the wind whispered, "Torrealba."

Anthopoulos doesn't seem to be concerned about a game of "Too Many Catchers." JPA will remain regular catcher, with Mathis as back up and d'Arnaud could earn a big league spot as DH and backup to the backup.

"Both of their bats are good enough, and big enough, that they’re everyday players,” he said. “If Travis doesn’t get as many reps behind the plate, that’s fine. His bat is just a unique bat. He has a chance to be a middle-of-the-order impact bat.”

Flexibility is important, especially after a season where everyone is playing hurt.

And yes, that is a picture of Charlie Sheen and Joe Carter at the Rogers Centre. Cause that happened.

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