Sunday, 12 August 2012

Eddie and the 51s

I've been at the Yankees series this weekend, after momentarily shifting my attention away to the Olympics.

I love the Olympics, but this year seems, for a variety of reasons,  it seems like the year Canada got screwed. Screwed by the officials or maybe just the fates. However, I will remember these games as the games in which I adjusted my bucket list to include "dancing and eating jerk chicken with Usain Bolt" because that kid rules.

So, in my time away, my baseball team became a flaming wreck by the side of the road. If you haven't look at their record the last 12 games, please don't. It seemed a miracle, with all the injuries, for the team to still be treading water at .500 two weeks ago. But they are seven games under .500 going into Sunday's game.

Only one starter from from Opening Day is on the field. Only one in today's lineup is one I would actually choose to play in my lineup. Although, Rajai Davis had himself a career day. So big ups for that.

I mentally ran through a list of the roster, and realized the extent of the injuries. Like, what the hell is going on? When Rasmus wasn't in the lineup yesterday, I thought "Oh right, he has that groin injury. Or maybe his arm detached itself from his body. Or he hurt his hair. It all seems possible."

After winning the "Heart and Hustle" award on Saturday, EE's heart was put on the 15 day DL. Well, not really. He hit his 30th homer of the season in Sunday's game.  It was my heart that was on the DL. But in case it wasn`t clear, he is the one I would choose to play in my ideal lineup.

I didn't go to Sunday's game because I was tired, so I missed Davis do this

That was the most insane catch that stadium has seen in a very, very long time. It has also been short listed for catch of the year. Just listen to Michael Kay`s reaction to it. That was bit by a radioactive spider good.

But, because I did stay home,  I did hear Pat Tabler say that Moises Sierra reminds him of Encarnacion, because, among other things, their calves are the same. Ah, Dominican Calf Twins.

Best bit of heckling from the seats behind the bullpen was from a mix of Jays and Yankees fans. Jays fan yells "No one likes you, Andruw Jones!!!" and then some dude in a Yankee hat yells "I like you!!"

Joe Girardi making a pitching change in the 9th in Friday`s game, when there were two outs and the Yankees were up 10-3, was maybe the most Girardiesque move ever. He just wants everyone in the bullpen to feel like a worthwhile and valued member of the team. So they all get to pitch at least one pitch per game.

By the by, I'm looking for work right now, so this letter that circulated around Major League front offices amused me. She's not angry to have been rejected, and it has nothing to do with her skills or supposed lack of skills. It's the fact that they rejected her application, and then asked her to shell 500 bucks to go to that event and that would magically make her more employable that ticked her off.

I met a certain drop and driving closer out with his parents last night. Completely at random.  A shoulder was clasped.


He was so very tall.

I was so painfully cool.


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  1. HAVE met the parents!!..go for it!