Thursday, 23 August 2012

Just Exhale

Some of this news is old now, but I still have a few things to say.

Rogers Clemens, aged 50, is going to go pitch for the Sugarland Skeeters. That's nice. He might pitch for the Astros if the Astros decide to be the circus for a little while.

The Fan 590 asked its listeners what their thoughts would be if Clemens came back to Toronto. Ok, I realize call in shows need topics, and maybe it was a slow news day. But thinking about Clemens in Toronto is like worrying about a unicorn problem in the outfield. But what if their horns stab Colby?

It's never going to happen. Just exhale. Clemens was the very definition of a hired gun in the late 90s for the Jays. He pitched, won a few Cy Youngs and probably did a few drugs. And when he saw the writing on the wall regarding his chances for a ring with the Jays, he left for New York.

The only loyalty he would have to the organization would be from his son being in the system. Clemens worked out with Cecil earlier this year, watched his side session and gave him advice.   But The Rocket's days with Toronto are of the past.

Just exhale.

The Melky Cabrera fake website thing is tragically hilarious. Tragic, due to its ineptness and Cabrera's reps saying that they pay the fake web site maker, but he totally doesn't work for them.

"Guys! He did work for our client, and we paid him for that work but he doesn't work for us. Seriously."

And it's funny because it adds to the long standing rumour that Cabrera is not the sharpest.

Here are a  few things I really, really love.

I love being told to do my research by a person who gave me incorrect facts.  This Twitter person tells me that the only team with a small payroll to have success in the last 20 years is Tampa.

Actually, the Florida Marlins won the World Series in 2003 with a payroll of just over 49 million dollars. When I point this out, I am told to "do my research." Um, I did. That's how I got the payroll number for the Marlins in 2003. I don't have those facts off the top of my head.

Spending a lot of money is one way to have success, but it's not a direct ticket. Isn't Tampa's success in the AL East an example to follow?

I also really appreciate being called a Rogers apologist just because I'm not frothing at the mouth about something that isn't going to change in the near future. To me, Rogers owning the Jays is, at this time, a given.

It's like complaining the Jays' players require oxygen. It's just something that has to be worked with.  Just exhale.

Colby Rasmus is struggling. I read a bunch of tweets about the team record with Rasmus in the lineup. Which I was going to write until I found this article from the St Louis Post-Dispatch.  Sigh.  Not mentioned is Rasmus' injury, which is a factor. And FYI, Rasmus had a 2011 World Series ring, too.  I'm not saying that Rasmus' struggles aren't a problem, but enough already.

Colby's moved on, the Cardinals have moved on. Maybe you should move on, Bernie.

The team is really depressing right now. There may be runs, but then the pitching is suspect. Or the pitching is strong, but then the offence dries up.

Ricky Romero and Dirk Hayhurst have kissed and made up over Twitter. There is a problem with the word "embarrassment"is it implied shame. And Romero has worked hard at trying to fix whatever the issue is. As Romero put it :

“It’s easy to pick and do all the dissecting when you’re sitting behind a desk. The toughest thing is going out there and actually putting on a uniform and just dealing with it.”

Remember that old episode of The Simpsons, where Bart and Lisa go to that hellish Kamp Krusty and for a time, the only thing that keeps Bart from losing his mind is the belief that Krusty the Clown is going to come.

Bautista is my Krusty the Clown.

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