Friday, 17 August 2012

Just Go Look in Your Locker

A couple of things happened in the last few days illustrating the very best and very worst of Jays fandom.

Omar Malave is a long time member of the Blue Jays. He lost his grandson last year, and his granddaughter needed money for surgery.

Bob Elliot wrote an article about it. 

I contacted the Jays about helping to organize an event, but the wheels were already in motion. Jays fans stepped up and helped raise the $20,000 the little girl needed for her surgery within 24 hours of Elliot's article being published.  Thank you to all who donated.

Sometimes real life creeps into this game we watch everyday.  A 60 year old man sitting with his family in the 100 level collapsed from a heart attack. A clearly distraught Kevin Youkilis witnessed what was going on during the game:

“I saw some medics jump out around the dugout and run over,” Youklilis said. “Then I saw a doctor or whoever was going, just pushing on the chest over and over and over. “I thought maybe they were reviving him and then they next thing you know, they kept going and going. I was like ‘God, man, we’ve got to stop this thing,’ and luckily we did.”

I wonder a little why the umpires kept the game going for so long, especially since they required the game to stop so the man could be taken by cart to the waiting ambulance. I also wonder what was going through peoples' minds when they were yelling shit at Youkilis while the man was being taken out. Some people reported that the fans were mostly yelling at the umpires for not pausing the game earlier, but Youkilis seems pretty sure the yelling was directed at him.

I had friends sitting directly behind where the man was sitting, and what they described was how hard the Jays staff were working and the looks on the faces of the man's family as they walked up the aisle.

So I'm not exactly ready to write Jays' fans off as "The Worst" just for the actions of a few. There are assholes all over the world.

Elsewhere, Darren Oliver is the coolest of the coolest of the cool on this team.  My opinion of him didn't change after he gave up a 3 run homer to Alex Rios last night, and my opinion was reaffirmed when I read John Lott's article about Ricky Romero's struggles.

According to this article, Oliver seems to have had some sort of premonition that Romero was going to come to him for help. He already had it taken care of.  He highlighted his own period of suckage to reassure Romero of his belief in him.

“And he’s like, ‘It happens. It happens to the best,’ ” Romero recalled Thursday. “He said, ‘I know you’re a competitor and you’re a winner and you want to do so well. But it happens to all of us.’”

Oliver once smiled at me when I was sitting behind the bullpen back in April. But it'd probably happen to all of us.

I watched a totally awesome game between Mexico and Canada in the Little League World Series. There were flat brimmed hats, and homers from bespectacled Mexican pre-teens. And also an AMAZING Trout-esque catch from Team Canada centre fielder Thomas Neal.

Neal's defense, per the LLWS website,  is described as

1. Solid angles/routes 2. Above average range 3. Loose arm action with carry

Above average range?

Yeah, I'd say.

Colby Rasmus welcomed 900 Rookie League players to the Rogers Centre as part of Jays Care.

Why isn't Colby narrating self-help books?

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  1. The LLWS is always fun to watch, but it really seems that the bats are miles ahead of the pitching. I am amazed at how well the kids can rake and Neal showed the defence was almost at that level.

    That catch was world class. Let's hope it becomes a moment that pushes the Canadian kids further than usual against the other best teams.

    We all appreciate that the US is going to the world's greatest baseball power. But I would like to think Canada can cut out a place as the best of the rest.