Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Push out the Jive

So I've decided to try a wild experiment, and actually blog on a regular basis. Imagine that.

That extra inning game was unique in a few ways. Firstly, because I was shocked that an eleven inning game that started just after 7 p.m. ended at 10:15 p.m. And secondly, that was the most sedate and gentle walk off I think I've ever seen. I think they were a little afraid of hurting each other, and sending more of them to the D.L. Actually, looking at the pictures of the celebrations, it doesn't look sedate but it was more of the feeling at the time.

Encarnacion, the senior member of the Dominican Calf Twins, had several key hits last night, and continues to be just the best.  I joked over Twitter that after Encarnacion didn't run out a ground ball, it was time to start hating on him. And people took it seriously.

Moises Sierra, the junior member of the Dominican Calf Twins, hit his first big league homer. After the game, he called his parents, who had been watching on TV in the Dominican Republic. He said they were, “Happy, very happy."


Carlos "Carlito" Villanueva has pitched like he deserves a spot in the rotation next year. But stop asking him about his arm, you guys.

Carlos: “You know what frustrates me?

Joanna: "What frustrates you?"

Carlos: "The questions about how I feel, tip-toeing around it. You know what?"

Joanna: "No, what?"

Carlos: "I understand because last year was my first year here …

Joanna: "Yeah, you were a Brewer before....you were really cheap. Like a bag of balls and a bucket of chicken cheap. Nice balls and quality chicken, but balls and chicken all the same."

Carlos: "But I’ve been an extremely healthy pitcher my whole career. I’ve never been on the DL until last year for three weeks, and I was just a little tired."

Joanna: "We're all a little tired, Carlito."

Carlos:“I’m great. I prepare myself."

Joanna: "You look great. Maybe a little skinny. Do you need a sandwich?"

Carlos: "I understand it, but I don’t want to hear it. But they’re taking care of me. It’s better that they care than they don’t care."

 Joanna: "Push out the jive. Bring in the love."

Can we stop with the booing of Alex Rios, Toronto?

I know he was sort of disappointing as a Jay, and he swore on camera in front of a child outside the AGO. (gasp)

That event's context seems to  have been forgotten.  Known autograph hounds had been pestering Rios to sign stuff, and he was not in the mood. They then sent a kid to get him to sign, which is way grosser than anything Rios did that night, and filmed his reaction.

Also, trading Alex Rios freed up right field. A certain journey man outfielder named Jose Bautista replaced Rios in right and it allowed Bautista to play every day, which in turn helped him break out.

I know the burden of having one of the most dangerous hitters in the game playing for your team can be a real downer and tough to watch, but that isn't really Rios' fault.

And if that doesn't sway you, I guess you just feel better booing someone likely richer and better looking than you.

John Lott, in his story about the Canadian team in the Little League World Series, asked Colby Rasmus about his trip to the finals in 1999.  Rasmus talked about a big stadium and huge crowds.

“I don’t think pressure really bothered us. We were more scared of my dad than anything,” Rasmus said with a trace of a smile.

There is so much hinted at, but never stated about this relationship.  It's like Shakespeare, but with double wides.

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