Thursday, 27 September 2012

Husky Feelings: Travis Snider

I chose this picture because....well, because it cracks me up.It's very "Hello, ladies. Notice my shapely forearms and my fluffy, yet masculine moustache."

One of the toughest moments as a fan for me this year was the Travis Snider trade. I honestly felt tears in my eyes when I watched him get called back into the dugout from left field and hug guys in the dugout. I don't know why I felt so damn attached to this kid I never met, but I suspect some of it might be because Snider, for a long time, represented the promised future. Things would be brighter once Snider was called up. This lineup will be sick once Snider figures out how to hit consistently in the big leagues. Snider is completely the type of player Anthopolous would covet if he played for another team. 

And this doesn't even begin to address my frustrations over the left field situation this year.When I heard that Thames got to hit in Bautista's group, while Snider hit in another group (I'll just call it the "Not Bautista" group), my eyes went to rolling. 

Shi Davidi's three part interview on was very interesting for several reasons. One was that it painted an interesting portrait of Cito Gaston's managerial style and how important chemistry can be in any type of relationship. A lot of people don't agree with Cito's opinions or coaching methods, and that's fine. But he does represent a certain style of management that has it's benefits and drawbacks.Some players respond to it and for some it's all wrong.

Another thing that Davidi piece illustrates is what an emotional person Travis Snider is. This is a young dude who feels a lot, and thinks a lot about what he is feeling. Snider is considerably more introspective than I realized. Some were calling him a whinger, but I didn't see it as whinging. I saw it more as trying to process what he went experienced. I might even go so far as to call him brave for how much he was willing to admit his weaknesses and where he felt he should've done better. Stoeten, over at Drunk Jays Fans, was wondering what Snider thought he could gain by granting this interview. Foolish boy. It's obvious. 

It was probably part of his process in closing this part of his career and that he also felt some sort of obligation to Toronto to explain himself.I don't think he needed to do that, but I get the sense he felt he needed to.

The third thing this illustrated was how important the mental aspect of this game can be. This was an athlete who was so gifted physically that it was easy to forget that he was only 20. People might attach the "failed prospect" label to him, but I am convinced that Travis Snider can pull it together.

That was an awesome catch, too.

Also..."And it's ti....AND HE MADE THE CATCH!!! HE MADE THE CATCH!!!" And "That's the type of catch you see in Japan!!"

Because apparently husky white boys make catches in Japan.

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