Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Neverending Story

Here is where I briefly touch on the John Farrell Saga, part 6: Now They Want Butter.

I don't want to go on about it, because I've already said my piece on Twitter and had a really raucous Twitter war with one Andrew Stoeten. I wanted to punch him. We laughed about it (and at the guy who said Stoeten was so much further advanced than I was) later on. It was good times. 

Anyway, here is my opinion.

Boston is a mess and they are running a 24 hour spin job trying to explain what happened and how they are going to fix it. Boston is driving this whole story. Why were no rumours coming out of Toronto until a few days ago? It's been a story for a month. The rumours of the rift between the GM and the manager originated out of Boston, too. And now there are people in the Jays camp saying that AA and Farrell had conflicting opinions, particularly about Omar Vizquel, over the season. But I can almost guarantee there are examples of these kinds of conflicts or disagreements in teams across the league. GMs and managers have different jobs and often different backgrounds. There are conflicts of personality, of ego, of opinion in every business or personal relationship. 

And now there are rumours Beeston and Rogers have issues. It's all so dramatic.

Maybe John Farrell wants to go Boston. Maybe he doesn't. Frankly, it doesn't matter to me. Some argue that he should be more emphatic about his commitment, but I'm not interested in it. It's not always a good idea to lay all your cards out on the table in public. Who knows what AA and Farrell have said to each other? Maybe over candlelight dinners. 

Why should Anthopolous do anything to help a division rival? Boston should not be allowed to peruse the goods unless they pay for them. It should hurt. Why? Because they want him and Toronto has him.  And Boston, along with Tampa, Baltimore and New York, stand between the Jays and the playoffs. New York would never let Boston do this. And not acknowledging this looks bad.

In this situation, it's irrelevant that anyone thinks Farrell sucks as a manager . He is under contract to the Jays. It doesn't matter that people don't think Farrell is worth a player off their 40 man roster. All that matters is if Boston is willing to give one up, and it seems like they are. 

It seems to me that Boston want him because they are trying to portray something to their fan base. Boston just came off of their worst season in 50 years. Fans are pissed. And these aren't normal fans. These are fans that have been described as hypocritical, entitled. They never shy away from eating their own young. And the Boston media reflects this and rends garments over hangnails on a regular basis. 

Farrell is largely unproven as a manager. Some would even argue he is terrible. The Red Sox of the last couple of years have a reputation for being undisciplined, and Farrell was supposedly able to crack down on it as a pitching coach, at least that's the story coming out of the Boston press.  But that same complaint has been made of the Jays this season. So Farrell's disciplinarian tendencies only come out in New England?

So why Farrell? To me, it's an attempt at a symbolic return to the glory days. Some Boston blogs say that the front office, namely Lary Lucchino, like Farrell because he can be controlled more by the front office than someone new. That's not cheap.

Rumours about Torey Lovullo, Luis Rivera and Brian Butterfield following him out just make the situation even more inconvenient. Especially considering Butterfield's long association with the Jays and his reputation for being one of the best infield coaches around.

Anthopolous' big mistake in this situation is letting it drag out this long and letting Boston dictate the story. 

And now I'm annoyed and I have to go lie down.


  1. Agreed. On pretty much every point. I'm not sold on JF as manager, but they shouldn't be able to take whatever they want. It should hurt. AA needed to wrap this up sooner, but mostly this whole thing shows how messed up Boston is.

    I'm grabbing a drink & lying down till the angry goes away.


  2. Pretty sure Toronto is south of the 49th...