Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ducks in a Row: Growing Up Rasmus

One of the things I'm really hoping for in 2013 (Year of Wonders) is that Colby Rasmus pulls his bat together and has a solid season offensively. It's not just that I would find it disappointing for such a talent to go unfulfilled and it's not that I have a hate on for Anthony Gose. It's that I would miss this boy and the cast of characters that is his family. It's Shakespeare with double-wides. And I love it.

I have tweeted Tony Rasmus (the pater familias) back and forth a bit, and he has a good sense of humour. We have joked about Gibbons and Colby having a co-interview. Mr Rasmus is convinced that they'd need to be translated once they got going. I told him that we called Gibby "Boomhauer" the first go-round and he laughed when I sent him this:

and said he understood it all. I present "Growing Up Rasmus" in hopes that we all do. 

The most beautiful pictures of Dunedin have been coming from the various press who went down to cover. Here is one of my favourites from John Lott (@lottonbaseball). R.A. Dickey covering first with a side of BLACK MAGIC.

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  1. Is it sad I understood every word Boomhauer said too?