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Everyday new stories trickle up from the south.

Melky Cabrera is expected to meet with the media in Dunedin for the first time as a member of the Jays on Friday. He signed a two-year, US$16-million deal with the Blue Jays shortly after the mega Miami trade and is slated to be their everyday left-fielder.

Cabrera is also facing the media for the first time since his name was listed as being associated with a clinic in Florida that has supplied athletes with PEDs. Since Cabrera is coming off a 50 game suspension for failing a drug test, his name being associated with this place is not that shocking. It's not clear if he's going to take questions on the topic. 

Someone who did take questions on the topic of PEDs in general was Jose Bautista. Since his breakout, Bautista (and his bodily fluids) have been under intense scrutiny and he talked to Fox Sports' Jon Morosi about MLB and the MLBPA's  PED education efforts.

 “Everybody knows what’s going on,” Bautista told this week. “Nobody can plead ignorance. I don’t think a lack of education or language barriers has anything to do with it. MLB and the Players Association have done a great job making sure that everybody knows."

Bautista also mentions that there is a downloadable app that a player can type in the name of a substance they don't recognize in a supplement and see if it shows up in the list of banned substances. Bautista has always been an interesting figure because he straddles the line between Latin and American culture, and is been able to understand the nuances of both in a way that is very unique. What he says in this interview seems to be a call for everyone to stop hiding being ignorance or language barriers, because the information is actually readily available. 

John Gibbons told the Toronto Sun that he isn't going to try to curb Brett Lawrie's reckless abandonment for his own safety or steer him from some occasional wilful disregard for common baseball sense, because that's just a crucial aspect of his game. I'm still convinced that there is a way for Lawrie to learn how to channel his energy. Aversion therapy, maybe. 

Or as Jose Bautista (who is turning into the star of this post) puts it, “There will be times when (Lawrie) is going to have to tame himself, or somebody is going to have to tame him and pull the chain back a little bit. In certain situations, the risk-reward component of the moment, you don’t want to risk an injury on a play that might not warrant it. A foul ball late in the game, we’re losing and there’s no need to be jumping into a camera pit." 

Or try to steal home when you're at the plate. Am I right?

Mark Buehrle is still really ticked off about what happened with Miami, but is looking to move on. “I’m pretty laid back and don’t let stuff bother me,” he said. “I like to have fun on the mound. I’m out there laughing. Good start, bad start, I just throw it out the window and get ready for my next one.” 

Looking at his stats, it's amazing how much of a horse Buehrle is. He has pitched 200-plus innings in 12 straight seasons, always reaching double figures in wins and posting a cumulative WAR of 48.3. The man also really loves his dogs, and maybe we should stop judging him based on our own ideas about what we might do in his situation.

 “Being a responsible pet owner, you can’t just dump your dog on somebody else or take a chance of breaking a law and taking him up there [to Ontario],” Buehrle said. “We’ve had people say, ‘Oh, you can bring him up here and knowing you have money, no one is going take your dog because they know you’re going to fight against it.’ But the thing is, Slater will have to sit in a cage until that court date gets there. It could be two weeks or it could be three months. People who don’t own dogs are not going to understand that you’re leaving your family, your kids, behind over a dog. We just feel that all the training we’ve done with our dogs, it’s better they stay with my wife.” 

I was perfectly willing to live in a sponsored apartment with the dog, and leave him in a room for solo-Skype sessions with you all. And I would tell him daily about how awesome it was being a Buehrle so he wouldn't get attached to me. I partly wanted to do this because I want to help the team but it was also because LOOK AT HIM!!


So many joyful puppy adventures could've been had. And his tail could be used as a weapon to smite my enemies.

Ricky Romero frightens me a little. I don't think he is dumb, but his stubbornness is alarming. John Lott reports that by the end of 2012, Romero's knees were barking at him (!) and he couldn't rotate his elbow (!!) and that he didn't inform the team of this until the season was over.

“I noticed it more in between starts,” he said. "I wasn’t recovering as good as I wanted to. I spent time in the training room making sure I did the small things. Even then, after all these years pitching your body takes a toll and it tells you, ‘Hey, let’s slow it down here a bit.’ I wasn’t listening to my body and that’s something I learned; got to be smarter.”

I never really understood Romero's reluctance to admit that maybe his soreness is at least part of why he struggled last year. Isn't saying 'Yeah, I'm sore' less scary than having extreme suck from a  huge mystery?

Listen to your body and use your words.

Everyone knows that Josh Johnson was acquired in the Miami Marlins trade with Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle. But didn't you know he was a super-duper dreamboat? 

"Josh Johnson is tall, dark and absolutely gorgeous. He has great hair, sweetheart curls framing a broad forehead. Apollo, a (male) colleague has already dubbed him. At six-foot-seven, he towers. He’s got presence."

That was the opening graph in an article in a national newspaper. Pull yourself together, lady.

Continuing his press tour that will conquer the world, RA Dickey is going to be interviewed by Matt Galloway on CBC's Metro Morning on Friday.

And finally, Oh no you did NOT, Mike Piazza!

“As God is my judge, I don’t get involved in these things,” Vin Scully said. “I can’t imagine I would ever put my toe in the water as far as a player and his negotiations.

“I have no idea where he is coming from. I really have no idea. I can’t imagine saying something about a player and his contract. I just don’t do that, ever. I’m really flabbergasted by that reference.”

Can't you just imagine his voice saying those words? Especially the "God as my judge" and "flabbergasted."

San Francisco’s calling us, the Giants and Mets will play
Piazza, New York catcher, are you straight or are you gay?

Major hat tip to John Lott, whose articles I ransacked for quotes and information.

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  1. Yikes! I can't read any of the links because the blue is getting lost against the black background.

    And you're dumping on Rosie too? Every article about a successful woman starts off with a description of her clothes and her appearance yet I rarely see that mocked. But write it about a man and all of a sudden it's horrible?