Sunday, 24 February 2013

In My Purview: R.A. Dickey

Earlier in the spring, R.A. Dickey used the word "purview" in a media scrum. This is a different sort of dude.

This is a man who took his daughters to India and wrote about it for the New York Daily News:

I want my daughters to share the experience not so much as a gratitude check, but to learn that each of us has a capacity to make a difference in this world, and to see that God’s grace makes that possible.

I also want them to know that the only way to go at this sort of rampant evil – there are an estimated 20,000 women who are held as sex slaves in Kamathipura – is to confront it and fight it. 

If you want to know as much as you possibly can about Dickey, go track down the movie Knuckleball. He, along with Tim Wakefield, are basically the stars of this thing and it highlights the close bond between all the guys who have thrown this pitch. He talks about the stress of  playing 14 one year non-guaranteed contracts and the grind of endless minor league baseball. 

Dickey was injured at one point during the 2011 when the crew was following him around. While injured, Dickey goes to visit Charlie Hough. Hough tells Dickey that his injury sounds like nothing a little vodka couldn't cure. 

It was then I realized Charlie Hough could hang out with a lot of my friends.

Dickey wrote a book. I read the book. It's a good book. Dickey's had a lot of life.

I decided the cover is no longer appropriate as he is wearing his Mets uniform, so I designed a new cover, with a new subtitle.

One of the things Dickey likes to do is to go to museums in the cities he's visiting, so I thought I'd recommend a few in Toronto.

The ROM is a museum I have a lot affection for. I used to wander around there when I was a kid. There are dinosaur exhibits that are pretty state of the art as far as modern museum experiences and a bat cave that still manages to freak me out.

The Hockey Hall of Fame houses the history of that other sport that Torontonians love/put up with. You can see the Stanley Cup there in the winter, which means Leaf fans can actually see it sometimes. (Don't stop beleafin', kids.)

The Bata Shoe Museum is the largest collection of footwear in the world. It's also across the street from the ROM, so after you freak yourself out in the Bat Cave, you can check out some shoes and make a day of it.  Shoes that belonged to Elton John, John Lennon and Queen Victoria are there. Everything from stone age shoes to Louboutins.

Toronto Legoland is about to open. I get the sense that you and Lego get along. If not, you can get into it by making Lego Jose Bautistas with Craig from Flip Flop Flyball.

Also, I know you like to read, so you should know that the closest library to the Rogers Centre is St. Lawrence (171 Front St. East) and there is a Chapters at Richmond and John (a four minute drive), if you fear the great unwashed masses normally found in a public library. 

Dirk Hayhurst filmed Dickey pitching to pitching coach Pete Walker.

Apparently, Dickey's knuckleball plays "Clocks" by Coldplay when it's being thrown. You'd think that'd be in the scouting report somewhere.


  1. Nicholas Hoare bookstore, ftw.

  2. Sadly Nicholas Hoare is packing it in April 1st. The closest library used to be Metro Hall. I still don't understand the closing considering how many condos surround it. St Lawrence is my go-to as it's 4 blocks from work.

  3. Replies
    1. oh apparently Nicholas Hoare is moving to his property at Annapolis Royal. There appear to be alpacas.