Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Links A Go Go

Today's "Famous People who Share our Interests":
Peter Richmond hung out with Bill Murray and watched a couple of Cubs games in 1990 and it was republished on Deadspin yesterday. Murray enjoyed polish sausage and told a teenage girl she smelled nice.

Also: "Another man came over and shoved a program in his face. 'If I miss one pitch, I'm going to kill you,' Bill said. The man laughed. 'I mean it,' Bill said. The man left."


Geddy Lee was featured in USA Today talking about Rush's election into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and the Jays. He's also really into SABR and fantasy baseball and likes the pace of the game in general:

"I like the fact that there's no clock, and there's lots of time to critique what's going on while it's going on," he said.  "I think the spaces in between the plays actually complement your ability to appreciate what you just saw. So when a great play happens, even though when it's live you don't have instant replay, the conversation about what just happened is a form of instant replay."

Jose Bautista, Sergio Santos, Brandon Morrow, Colby Rasmus and R.A. Dickey talk about the music in the clubhouse.

Dickey is into opera. Naturally.

John Lott covers Marcus Stroman, whose massive personality overtakes his small stature. I'm always amused by pro-athletes that are shorter than me. Stroman talks about his PED suspension, his cop dad who made him run with parachutes as a little kid and his Twitter account.

“It’s me,” he said. “People tell me all the time on Twitter, ‘I hope you never change if you do happen to get a little bit of success, a little bit of fame.’ But I can’t see myself ever changing. It’s just who I am, and that’s exactly who I am on Twitter.”

John Lott also writes about Ricky Romero's quest to reclaim his sinker, and reports that Brandon Morrow is the one who did the research on Brooks Baseball and found that in 2011, when his ERA was 2.92, Romero threw sinking two-seam fastballs 22% of the time. Last year, his sinker rate fell to 11%. His ERA was 5.77, worst among big-league starters.  Morrow printed off the info and gave it to Romero.

Romero first start of the spring was a little rough. It wasn't so much that he was hit hard (other than the homer), but the command wasn't there and the velocity was down. But you know, spring. He's got six weeks.

John Lott also talks to Casey Janssen about his brainwashing, silencing his thoughts while he's pitching.

“I was too focused on feeling things,” he said. “‘What’s that? What’s this?’ I felt it here. I felt it there. Not that anything was alarming, but a little bit of my arm was affecting my head and we just wanted to eliminate that, to get to the point of picking up a ball and throwing it and not thinking twice.”

Sitting behind the bullpen as much as I did last season, I watched all the bullpen pitchers. Janssen never stops moving, fidgeting, or working out during a game. So it doesn't surprise me that his mind buzzes.

 Craig from Flip Flop Flyball was featured in USA Today talking about his Lego baseball players.

Dirk Hayhurst lost his voice today, so there was a rotating crew of announcers sitting in with Wilner, including Jamie Campbell, Alex Anthopoulos and Jeff Blair.

The Jeff Blair innings were the funniest. He and Wilner had easy rapport with a bit of snark. (Jeff Blair had snark? Shocking!)

As Stoeten at DJF and Minor Leaguer at Bluebird Banter both pointed out, Hayhurst and Wilner make a pretty good team on the airwaves.

And finally, Bob Elliot went to Tom Cheek's grave to tell him about the Ford C. Frick award. 

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