Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Toughen Up

A few years ago I was watching some playoff game or another with my father, and I began making wailing noises at some point due to the unbearable suspense that comes into play during playoff baseball. And my father turned to me and said, "If you are going to watch this game, you better toughen up."

So, everyone who watched that game yesterday, hear this: if you are going to watch this game, you better toughen up. 

Baseball is hard. Catching a knuckle ball sucks, especially for someone who isn't that experienced with it, combined with all the emotions/butterflies involved in Opening Night. The passed balls did take away the possibility of the double play. If Arencibia lets 3 Brandon Morrow pitches get passed him tonight, then I will accept moaning. Until then, toughen up. And don't tweet whine to Wilner. 

Melky Cabrera stung a Masterson pitch, but it was right into the glove of Asdrubal Cabrera, which doubled off Jose Reyes. Man, that sucked.  But it happens. As do homers that neither the hitter nor the pitcher can believe. 

Dickey is so gentlemanly. I bet he doesn't even swear. If he does swear, it's probably old-timey swears like "Tarnation!" and "Goshamighty!" But not old-timey as in Al Swearengen

Let's think about the good- the bullpen was insane. Brett Cecil hit 94 mph with his fastball and Sergio Santos' slider impregnated a few people. Melky Cabrera looked pretty solid with the bat, and Colby Rasmus took a walk. Yes, he struck out three times, but a walk! 

Anyway, the season is a long drudge. It's brutal, agonizing and annoying. This team is going to win baseball games. 

If you are going to behave like this team owes you something, that you are entitled to some wins, you might as well go cheer for the Red Sox. You'd fit right in.

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  1. Even with all the offseason hype this is going to be another long frustrating year. It will be tough to watch rasmus flailing away at the plate again this year