Wednesday, 21 May 2014

This and Then That

A bit of housekeeping. I started a new job and as a result, my blogging activities have taken a backseat. I'm trying to work in some time to dedicate to this little corner, but it's proven a bit tricky. I do live tweet most of the games, however. Some people enjoy it and some don't.

I've come back because the Jays are on some sort of a roll and I needed to pay tribute. I'm just going to throw out random thoughts as they come, haphazardly.

Brett Lawrie at 2b is pretty much the only way to be if Francisco is going to continue to be a thing. Lawrie made comments about being a 3rd baseman, but he's backed away and is now "doing it for the boys."  He still gets to play third sometimes and does this:

which is just bananas. 

What did SOSH have to say about our little boy wonder? 

Fuck I wish Brett Lawrie was dead

They also posted a bunch of pictures of dead and decaying blue jays. I guess we respond with pictures of pantyhose full of runs. Or with FOUR EDWIN BOMBS.

Lord that hit the top of the Budweiser billboard across Landsdowne Street..

Gibby's tip to Francisco?

I'm afraid all those players have retired and... passed on. In fact, your right fielder has been dead for 130 years. 
-Waylon Smithers

SOSH also wished Tommy John on Felix Dubront, demonstrating the good will and charity this fan base has developed after three World Series in 10 years. 

Also, just for fun:

Anyone think Farrell's lost this team?

I smell fried chicken!!!

Remember when John Farrell was going to come in and straighten out all the pitchers who were having issues?  

If this continues as it does, I'll be interested to see how the fan base and the media deal with the Farrell saviour narratives they established last year. 

I didn't blog about it, but Drew Hutchison pitching tonight reminded me of his last start....aka THE GREATEST GAME EVER.


 Missing in this video were the two bunt singles by Erik "Giant Mennonite" Kratz and Anthony "The Flash" Gose.

Buehrle goes Thursday against Jon Lester. Everyone know Buehrle days are my favourite, and it should be a good battle with Jon Lester, who has traditionally made the Jays his bitch.

Fangraphs talks about Buehrle's new little trick that's so far been a runaway success. He's got a little two strike sinker.  Shhhhh.

Finally, from Ian the Blue Jay Hunter, the greatest Gibby Gif of all time.

Notice also the Pete Walker wince. 


  1. it's great to see the Jays winning series... keep doing that against the AL East!

  2. KissMyPurpleButt27 May 2014 at 09:51

    Your quoting of the SOSH comments always makes me laugh.