It was a rather dull game last night. But it did feature my dad snarking at Brian Tallet, telling him he was going to blow the lead about 2 minutes before it happened. So much so that I told him to stop and then my dad asked me if I had a crush on him. It was very mature.

Anyway, while travelling the internets, I discovered a Toronto DJ who calls himself Gingy. And Gingy, awesomely, has a track called Rios for MVP. Yes, that Rios. It's a electronic, house type concoction with a kicking beat. Here is the dude's MySpace page. Even if you don't dig it, you can at least appreciate the sentiment.

"Hey Lexi, I love you, but I ain't American League no more."

Alex Rios put on quite a show last night at the Home Run Derby. It is a completely dumb event, I kept thinking "Hey! That's a ground rule double! That one's a solid triple" but Rios, sole Jay representative at the All-Star game, made it exciting. 5 in the first round, an amazing 12 in the second, but out of gas for only 2 in the final. But he did hit more than all the others (including Howard, Pujols, Fielder and champ Guererro). Former Jay Orlando Hudson was mic'd up and was calling to Rios all night. I knew he was yelling stuff because Lexi kept looking over and smiling. I think Vlad, who amazingly still doesn't speak English, won on brut strength.

I had a feeling Rios would be right in it because I have heard he puts on a show in batting practice and he has such a pretty, smooth swing. It used to be a mystery why he could do it in bp and not in games.

And to all the little snotty bitches (from the internet and from the American mainstream media) who were like "Who the f is Alex Rios? Who cares about him? He's a gap hitter with 45 career homeruns, it's a joke he's included", enjoy your crow.

Everyone on the Field!

Except you, Towers. You have to babysit Vermilyea.

Twins 8 Jays 9 (13th inning)

Topsy turvy baseball. Sal made kick ass plays at the plate. Ohka was awesome. Clayton hit a HR (?!?!?!) and a double. Matt Stairs hit his 6th HR of the year. Acorn and Janssen blew a lead in the 8th. Poor sad Jason Frasor and Brian (bitch,please) Tallet step up huge. Lexi hit a HR. Lyle hit the game winning single. Hurt and Troy were taken out (Troy when it was still 7-2) for J-Mac and Ryan Roberts. Jays win, despite themselves.

Reason 1,002 304 to not sit Alex Rios

Jays 5 Orioles 4 10 innings
Lexi scored the tying run in the 8th when he pinch hit for Lind. And then he hit the game winning HR in the 10th. Gibby sat him to "rest" him. Why does a 26 year old man-boy need rest? Especially when that man-boy is one of the only bright spots in the offense. And Hurt's Hurt-o-Meter was upgraded from Lil' Hurt to Medium Hurt when he hit a homerun.

Mike Wilner went crazy on his Jays Talk show about Derek Jeter. He even ragged on Jeter's famous "where the hell did he come from?" play to get Jeremy Giambi in October 2001. He said Jeter had no business being there. Well, yeah. That's why it's the "where the hell did he come from?" play. You can dislike him and think he's overrated, that's okay. But the dude steps up. I think the major bone guys have to pick with Jeter is that he has scored with both Jessicas Alba and Biel. One or the other might be forgivable, but not both. Both is excessive.