J-Effin' Mac

Royals 1 Jays 2

Shaun Marcum was multiple kinds of awesome last night and had 6 1/3 innings of no-hit baseball. Unfortunately, his calf didn't want to cooperate. He gave up a hit to Butler (despite a valiant effort by Jmac, who caught the ball but kind of did this spinning roll with it. More on him in a tick) and left the ballgame with a 2-run lead and an ovation from his hometown KC crowd. It isn't a serious thing, his cramp. Apparently, it's just because of the heat. In a pre-game interview, John McDonald talked about how he began drinking water as soon as they got to KC. It worked, because he made an absolutely kick ass play to save the game, when he turned a barehanded dp with the tying runs on base. It was totally boss. Vernon hit a 2-run double which was the offense that was mustered. So the lesson is, and I hope everyone is paying attention, when Vernon hits, the team wins.