How does one solve a problem like Sparrow? 7 strikeouts and 0 walks sound great. He pitched like a man possesed in the first two innings. Towers worked his corners and got his K's. Then had an ugly, ugly third where he gave up 3 homers and 5 runs. Two of those homers were with 2 outs. The Rangers hit him a little and he got rattled and started to serve up batting practice. Maybe the early inning success got him a little excited (he seems excitable) and then he came crashing down. But to his credit, he settled down the next inning (his last) and pitched well. He is not as bad as some might say, but it seems the problem is between his ears. Does this team have a psychologist on the payroll?

Lyle Overbay hit a solo hr and Adam Lind hit a 2-run job. All the runs in this game were scored by homeruns.

Jamie Campbell jinx watch : "Vernon Wells is red-hot." Wells went 0-3.