Let's Throw Some Money!

They need a king hell DH and someone to pick up Burnett's innings next year and they should be right in the thick of it.

So says Stoeten at DJF. No argument here. A suggestion for someone to pick up AJ's innings next year? Since they are already his innings, how about AJ? Re-up. Throw money at him. Yes, he might make more than Doc, but Doc made his bed. I love him dearly for it and I love his work in general, but shit. I don't want some new frustrating pitcher who might not live up to expectations I don't even have yet. I want the familiar frustrating pitcher. He's already broken down any expectations I had, and now I'm in a happy place in which anything he does that's kinda good becomes totally awesome. And I know AJ isn't talking to Mike Wilner, and it hurts Mike, but it'll work out. Oh, and fyi, Mr. Wilner: moody men are never not moody.

A king hell DH? Manny freaking Ramirez!!! Emissaries should be in LA right now. Throw money at him too. Tell him he could face Boston regularly. He mashes in the Rog Mahal. He likes Toronto's club scene. He liked the Jays as a kid, due to Bell and Fernandez. Hell, sign Julian Tavarez as a kind of pet for Manny. Give him $60,000 dollars so they can buy motorcycles.

Jeez, I should be GM.

Oh, and grand slam against Kenny Rogers: Welcome the Fuck Back, Dub!!!