I think I hate Ted Koppel!

No, wait, I find him informative and witty.

Who do I hate? Rod Black. Fans of the New York Yankees. Melky Cabrera (fuck the fuck off, as DJF would say), curtain calling for a homerun that would have been caught in any other park, Gary Darling, Gary Darling's strike zone (um, Gar? A pitch that crosses the plate at Vernon's shoulder is not a strike. Vernon's shoulder is not in the zone. Eckstein's, yes. Vernon's, no. Next time, bring your balls to the game.) Joba Chamberlin. An overmatched Hurt. Rod Black. ARod (AJ, if you feel the need, plunk him in the ribs.) Rod Black fellating the Yankees. Rod Black.

Who do I love? Roy Halladay, who was a total trooper tonight. Aaron Hill hit the snot out of the ball (again, Melky, fuck the fuck off), Zaun threw out a runner (Jeets!), Scutaro stole a base, and then he stole another.