Rolen with my homies

My computer wasn't cooperating with, so I only saw the truncated press conference on It wasn't on the tv, anywhere. Because, you know , there is HOCKEY on. And the Leafs have the flu. It's national news. Due to the fact that my team plays in AL and because of my general disdain for the NL, I have only passing knowledge of Scott Rolen. Great defense (at least at one time). Shoulder issues. Skip head-butting. Short nose.

But what I learned today? Dude is funny. And has dimples. And realizes that Toronto is in Canada. And Canada is a different country. And that Canada will soon be a different country torn up by Rolens. Lots and lots of Rolens. In RVs.

"I did bring a tie, but I didn't want to show up J.P." Oh, I suppose we'll keep you for awhile.