Gagne does not live up to his name.

"I was just being emotional out on the mound, frustrated at myself." So says Eric Gagne. He was actually playing the role of Bad AJ. Thankfully, big boy pants were worn and AJ was good AJ. Kick-ass AJ, actually. He was indeed downright unneighbourly and I only wish he could just be like this all the time and not take the middle month of the season off and all those assholes feel the need to bring up the whole ".500 pitcher" bullshit. And anyone who has been paying attention at all would notice that this staff, even with Marcum and his recent struggles, is probably the best in the league. The Peaches, AJ and Doc trifecta is pretty enviable. Sigh. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda.

Dancing around 500

Twins 8 Jays 5

The Jays jumped out to a 4 run lead and couldn't hang on. AJ was a little wonky, k-ing everyone and then breaking down. Very old school AJ. He also apparently threw his glove into the stands and ripped his jersey in the dugout. Perhaps the big boy pants stayed on the DL. Torii "Contract Year" Hunter had two jacks. But the big news is, of course, Frank Thomas getting his 500th career homerun in the first. He rounded out the game by getting tossed in the 9th for arguing balls and strikes, taking Gibby out with him.

Hurt was visibly moved when he rounded the bases and his teammates were waiting for him. By the time he rounded third, the Metrodome crowd was cheering loudly for him. Classy, Minnesota. Thomas may be one of the only big sluggers of his generation without the taint of drugs on him.

battle of the birds

It was a holiday weekend and I went away. I saw next to no baseball, some because I was doing other things and/or because freakin' Rogers didn't play some of the games. Nor did they show tonight's against the Orioles. So I missed AJ's semi-meltdown but still earn a win. Big boy pants were worn. And I missed Daniel Cabrera, who has a hell of an arm but might be a bit crazy (I'll never forget him one game at the Rog Mahal. He lost his command, was walking and getting smacked around. He dealt with his troubles by throwing at Hinske's head. Cause someone had to pay.)

Jays 6-Orioles 4

I do, however, get to see Steve Traschel pitch, which is the baseball equivalent of watching paint dry.
During interleague play in Philly, I did see a Philly fan sign that read "Joe Carter ruined my childhood. It's pay back time!" I forget sometimes that Joe's HR was soul crushing for people other than Mitch Williams.