Fashion reality TV + Baseball

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a girl. I like girl things. Including some reality TV, like Project Runway. In Season 2, uber bitch designer Zulema wanted to change models. Before making her decision, she wanted a "walkoff" between 3 models and then took fellow designer Nick's model Tara. Much drama ensued. Fellow designer Daniel V rather hilariously declared that it's a "motha f*cking walkoff".

Well, boys and girls, last night was a motha fucking walkoff. First time since Frank Thomas did it last September. Remember when Frank Thomas played for this team?

Yes, Bynum Buckner'd that play, but Rolen's grounder was hard hit. It seemed that game was over until Rios pulled his head out of his ass long enough to hit a base clearing triple. Even after they tied it up, I had a weird feeling. After they won, I still felt it.

Yes, despite the motha f*cking walkoff, the season is still over.

Peaches is on the DL. Not that it matters really. The season is still over.