A Canada Day Trip to SOSH: Buehrle, Porcello, Five Homers and City Moose.

To celebrate Canada Day, the Blue Jays decided to lay a beat down on the Red Sox. SOSH was a bit slow today. Kind of lazily whining.

I know it's only Buehrle, but that lineup against a lefty seems ungood.

Stop underestimating him. The guy is a freak and he can dominate you. Underestimating him only makes him Buehrl harder. 

We are 6 games out of the division lead. And 6 out of the Wild Card. For as shitty as we've played, that blows my mind. Let's keep rollin'.
Seriously. Get back to .500 and we're in this thing.

Jon Morosi talked about parity in the East and he likes the Rays.   Hear him bleat about it in the link. I'm not sure they are going to "seize" the division. The Yankees do have the worst team ERA in the AL in June, so that's fun. 

They discussed a bit about bullpen availability. Koji, after three days work, is out.

It's all good, Porcello usually goes deep into games...

This guy might be kidding here. But I kind of hope he isn't, because his day is about to be totally ruined.

Don Cherry throwing out the first pitch today.

It's true.

Buehrle has indeed become burly.

There was a casual back and forth about how fat Buehrle is. He's a big dude, but in the tradition of fat baseball players, he doesn't really measure up.

Porcello starting like he wants to make sure everybody there has a happy Canada Day. 

And we did.

This guy got out of his little slump.

my god, Porcello sucks.

Often SOSH picks one of the players and it's a game long whine about how terrible this particular player is. His play, his contract, his face- it's all up to be bitched about.  As you'll soon see, Rick Porcello was tied to the whipping post today.

That shit was mashed.

Is the extension the Sox gave Porcello the worst since Ryan Howard's?The delta between what they gave him, and what he would have gotten after the season is massive.

These people. 

Fuck you, Rick Porcello, fuck you hard.
Never going to win 4 in a row with this starting staff. Just too inconsistent, too many blow-out starts.

Nope, probably not.

I'm thinking about a game in 2012 at the Rogers Center, when Valentine left Jon Lester in to take about 5 innings of this kind of punishment. 

I remember that game. He left Jon Lester out there to just get punished. Some in the inner Red Sox circle thought that that was where Valentine really lost that clubhouse. A clubhouse with chicken and beer. That was a fun year.

Porcello continues to suck, good value in that contract....

Fuck a phantom trip, I hope someone breaks his legs.

People were wondering if they could just phantom DL Porcello to be able to call up a kid from Pawtucket. Of course, it wouldn't be SOSH if someone wasn't wishing severe pain and injury on one of their own players. Joy at the injury of another team's player is the other classic hallmark of a good Red Sox fan.

Kept a close eye on Justin Smoak for years in Seattle. He's a terrible hitter. For Porcello to give up that bomb to him...no words. I don't know how any major league franchise justifies starting him anymore, contract or no contract.

Who keeps a close eye on Justin Smoak when you are a Red Sox fan? Also, for Porcello to give up a homer to him is not so egregious. Smoak used to play in a pitcher's ball park and now he plays in the Homer Dome. Also, toss him in this lineup, he might see a few more tasty pitches. 

Justin Smoak had a great day at the plate. Two homers, one from each side of the plate. The one from the right side of the plate was a bomb off the windows.  I, for some reason, didn't realize he's a switch hitter.

I got Sox 9 Blue Jays 7 final

Dreams are important.

This is over 500 pounds of guys facing each other.

Another "Buehrle is fat" comment. Seriously, he's just not that fat.

Mark Buehrle: Just Not That Fat.

This "stirring the pot" thing that the Jays do after every hit is really starting to irritate me. 

Oh, I'm sorry a team is having fun. To be fair, it would probably annoy me, too, if I wasn't a fan. But I am, so it doesn't and STFU. 

Joey Bats, 0 for 19 and gets healthy off Porcello. good for everyone who's slumping today.

Yeah, cause Jose Bautista was never going to break out of a slump. It's so unlike him to be able to hit. It's all Porcello and has nothing to do with Bautista eventually returning to his natural state of being a boss.

I really both like and hate Buehrle.  Hate that he is so much better against us than against the MFYs, but like that he is a reliable, quick-working, innings-eater.  

He has been notoriously terrible against the Yankees. Buehrle did finally beat them this past May and then yelled at the media.  It was kind of great.

If you give up homers to Smoak, your contract should immediately become voided.

Seattle is notoriously allergic to offense. Toss Smoak in this lineup, he might see a few more tasty pitches. But sure, keep whining. 

I'd keep him out there just to humiliate the fuck out of him. Then maybe he'll ask for a trade and we could get a very valuable bag of balls in return.
This is just depressing after three really good wins in a row.  Same old shit, different day.

Baseball is hard.

F Pillar. He really shows how valuable an amazing defensive CF can be.

I don't care about Canada day.

Well, Canada Day doesn't care about you.

You know, the kids are doing so well, that if we had the last year versions of Ortiz, Napoli, Hanley and Panda, I'd probably still listen to the game, even with a large early deficit. If we had the 2013 crew I'd listen to the last out.  It's amazing how quickly and badly the 2015 team can suck the life out of a game. Rightly or wrongly, I have no confidence in their comeback abilities.

It's summer. Go for a walk or something.

This whole team should be placed in a dumpster.

This must be really frustrating for such great fans.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a new hue on the spectrum of human suffering has been identified.

12 years. Three World Series.

So is Pillar today's Junior Felix, Boston destroyer?

That's throwback name. I think Reed Johnson was this about ten years ago.

Sonny Gray remains hospitalized due to "severe gastroenteritis." Watching this game, I know how he feels.

So that's what happened to him. My dog had that once. It smelled like cows had moved into the house.

Innings aren't the only thing he's good at eating apparently.

Mark Buehrle is 6'2" and listed at 230 lbs. That's not slim, but seriously, if he lost 10 to 15 lbs he'd be pretty average for a pro-athlete. If 10-15 lbs is what separates you from being "average", you aren't that fat. 

Maybe they were just bored of making Fat Panda jokes.

John Farrell: Preparer of Men

The John Farrell Era in Red Sox history is going to end as a spectacular shit show and I, for one, can't wait.

Realistically very few thought we would sweep the Jays. We've won the first two and getting our ASS KICKED today. A new game tomorrow, we'll take three out of four and head home winning the road trip.

No. Also "Realistically very few thought we would sweep the Jays." Heh. 

Red Sox 29-38 when Hanley appears in a game (well, soon to be 29-39), 7-5 when not.

Just throw in a "Hanley Sucks" comment for a bit a variety. Don't want to get too bored with the "Porcello Sucks" comments. 

What if he's killed in an "accident". Do the Sox have to pay the rest of his contract or does insurance take over?

They went from wanting to break Porcello's legs to wanting him to die "accidentally". What charming people.

Gotta love a Buerhle start though, no?  Game time of 2:19 with one team scoring double-digit runs? Impressive.

Buehrle starts must seem especially quick to these people because Clay Buchholz takes ten hours between pitches. Joe Kelly is not that much better.

Now Miley battles the one start rookie lefty Matt Boyd in the series finale. Boyd got shelled by Texas in Toronto this passed Saturday. With the roof closed, Texas took him long 3 times. The Jays will be hung over. On Canada Day, you have no choice but to indulge. The Wiley one has this. Three of four and home to deal with the Astros. Can now only hope it's not getting late early.

Ok, whatever. Three solo homers is not exactly "shelled" and the tone of that game could've been completely different if Gallardo didn't pitch as he did. I mean, four runs for this team is cake.

Plus, according to Fangraphs, the Blue Jays have an .865 OPS vs left-handed pitching this season, tops in MLB by nearly 80 points

But whatever, cling to your narrative.

And that's it for SOSH.

Speaking of Matt Boyd, John Lott had a great piece about Boyd playing hockey and watching Hockey Night in Canada as a kid. He also visited Toronto for a hockey tournament when he was nine.

“That was the first time I went to a Blue Jays game,” he said. “I remember that my buddy and I snagged two balls during batting practice in the left-field, second-deck bleachers. We went to the Hockey Hall of Fame twice. Just loved it. And I remember we were walking around and there were all these moose or cows, I can’t remember which, all over town, and they were painted.”

They were moose. It was "Moose in the City."  There were 326 of them. They adapted the idea from Chicago, which were cows. People vandalized the moose. There was a hotline to call for "moose abuse". It was Mel Lastman's Toronto. It was the Millenium.

This was the Labatt sponsored one that was outside the then SkyDome. It's name was Jay Moose.

The fact that Boyd has vague memories about this makes me like him even more. 

Some Kind of Hot: Eleven Straight and Round Two with SOSH

Ok, sure. Much like the Blue Jays this weekend, I'm giving the people what they want.

I actually slept through most of this game (team nap style) but I've watched highlights.  Also, when these people get really low, it's not that funny anymore. SOSH is the richest when the team is almost good but somehow just doesn't win.

This team, at least the way they are currently playing, is not almost good. So I was a little worried before diving in. But there were still some nuggets.

Eric Estrada vs. EdRo - don't miss it.

It's Erik Estrada, jackass.  As if this dude would spell his name with a "c".

This musty smell has me all congested. I'm going up to get some fresh air from the ledge.

Sometimes some of them are self-aware. It's disquieting.

I will break things if Edro gets lit up today. 

Rodriguez had only given up one run in his last three starts. He gave up a few more today.

Game starts....

Tight zone today. Both of these a little off the plate but you'd like to get a call on one of them.

Much like complaining about "lean years" when your team has three rings in 15 years, complaining about the strike zone is obnoxious. They just have no clue.

Estrada has a history of giving up the Jack.

That's totally true. 

Fuck that

It's hard to even be mad. They just keep finding new ways to fail. It's almost impressive.

I think some of you will find a way to be mad.


Like this guy.

Seems like we're paying for something.

That's just too easy. I'm embarrassed to make a joke here.

Fuck it, I blame Farrell for that.

Dream job. I've decided that I'm not even mad at Farrell anymore. I just think the Jays should've been given the opportunity to fire him. And they were robbed of that.


It's easy to get this angry when you think the baseball gods owe you something. I'm coining "Red Sox Privilege" right now. That was the same guy as above, btw. 

Rodriguez didn't get that call in the 1st.

Red Sox Privilege.

I didn't realize a new 22 inch wide plate was going to be part of the effort to speed up the pace of games.


I mean the team is shitty but really it seems like the baseball gods are rubbing our faces in it.

Because it's not like anything has gone Boston's way in the 21st century.

I've never hated the Jays. Certainly not like Tampa or the Baltimore Showalters--- but they are trying my fucking patience this year.

Aw, they noticed us. 

I hate this fucking team

I think they might hate you, too. 

Character-building inning here

A lot of character building the past two weeks. 

Then Pedroia lost a ball in the sun.

Head for the exits, fans.

Welp, this was a fun series.

I know! So much. 

Thank goodness this is such a weak division.


Well there's your price of admission entertainment right there, Fat Panda running out a triple!

Pillar was a little scary on that. It was not a good look. 

This game has been a clinic of suck

A Clinic of Suck: the 2015 Boston Red Sox.

I'm actually quite serene today. This latest loss-to-be doesn't bother me. And as far as Farrell goes, I just don't see where he should take the blame for the incredibly bad product that has been put on the field. He probably will, but with the exception, perhaps, of some misguided input, he isn't responsible for this mess.


I am only watching this game because I don't own a ball peen hammer that I can use to pound myself in the head.

Not serene.

How are they treating this on Sportsnet? Or is it just talk of how the Blue Jays offence is unstoppable?

Pat Tabler is really concerned. I think he might actually cry.

I think I'm done.

I just...

They broke this guy. 

I just don't understand this How is the manager not responsible when an entire team plays fundamentally bad baseball? Plays way below their norm? Not just one player, not two players, the entire team. For the second straight year. If that is not the manager's responsibility, then he literally has no responsibility and he's just a figurehead.
This might be the SOSHian version of "FYRE GOBBINS!!!!" Pretentious and a little self-important. 

This is exactly what I was worried about -- not just that we would suck but that another team in the division would get very hot while we sucked.

There's a lot that's good on this Blue Jays team and it's hard to see them reverting to a .500 team the rest of the way. 8 game leads in June aren't exactly stone cold locks, but the path back for this team at this moment seems very very narrow. 

Baseball is so hard, guys.

Does anyone remember why we let Danny Valencia go? The guy has always crushed Ls and could play 3B, 1B and LF.

Don't be trying to subject that nice boy to this shit show. You let him go, now let it go.

It's like raaaaaaaaaeeiin on your wedding day

That was for all my homegirls ( @catherine0626 and @mererog) who were tweeting about Jagged Little Pill. I`m not sure how any of this is ironic, but I'll allow it.

OK - two slams and it's tied.

That's the spirit. 

Well, shit. PAPI!

David Ortiz hit a 3 run homer and tied Stan Musial and Willie Stargell for 29th on the all-time homer list. I actually don`t hate Papi, and don't mind him hitting homers in losing efforts. These people, naturally, will go back to hating him in a few hours.

Okay, so how many of those runs are they about to give back?

A fair number. The Jays nap together and bludgeon together.

The Red Sox are going to let the Jays get back into this game, aren't they?

I don`t want to be cruel....but yeah, looks like. 

Pillar is just on fire this weekend. Wish we had outfielders like that.

Both Goins and Pillar had pretty fantastic weekends. Goins drove in five in this game, including a three run homer.

“The only word to describe it is fun,” Goins said. “Scoring runs is fun so it’s one word to describe the series.”

This team scored 31 runs in the sweep. Bludgeoned. Fun with bludgeoning. 

This is the worst pitching staff ever.

I sense it's less fun for some people. 

Well Farrell, it's been real. Thanks for 2013, but you're about to be the sacrificial lamb for Ben's idiocy. He'll be joining you shortly. Nearly everyone knew that Panda would be a mistake

Everyone? That's not quite how I remember it.

Just invoke the mercy rule and end it.

In a minute....

That's the ballgame, that's the series, that's the season.

That's the stuff.

This series was seriously fun and the Jays have won 11 straight, tying a team record. No other team in the AL has won 11 straight so far this season. 

“We’re some kind of hot right now,” sais Gibbons. “We scored a ton of runs this series. We’re just playing good baseball.

“It’s a good and it’s a long lineup and we’re feeling good right now, we’re hot. When your hot things go your way. It’s a good feeling in there and everyone’s confident. It was a fun series."

Yes. Yes, it was. 

Nine is Just Fine: Jays Stage Major Comeback and a Visit to SOSH

Because it is a Red Sox series, it's time to visit my old friends at SOSH.  The Jays were down 8-1 at one point but staged an epic comeback to win their ninth straight. The Red Sox, on the other hand, are terrible.

The Blue Jays have won eight in a row. As with Oakland when it came to town playing well, Toronto is ripe for a downturn.

The difference, of course, is that the A's are the team that used to have Josh Donaldson. 

Wade Miley was upset at John Farrell for warming up a reliever in 4th inning, per clubhouse source. Wanted chance to win game.

You guys saw the video, right?

John Farrell just called Wade Miley's outburst in the dugout last night "unacceptable" and "I won't stand for it."

It might not be your problem much longer, John.

Is it bad that I am pulling for losses so we get a new GM and Manager? Am I the only one?

No, I kind of want to watch the shit show for a while longer.

Please don't make me have to root for the Rays, Orioles, or Blue Jays just to keep the Yankees out the postseason. 

It's kind of nice we can all band together with a common desire.

Joe Kelly has a fucking man bun.

To be fair, it's a really little man bun. I've never actually seen his real hair (sans hat) so I don't know what kind of situation is happening under there. The little nubbin is ridiculous, though.

Are the Blue Jays announcers insufferable? I can't remember. I might be too lazy to look for another feed, regardless.

I must say, I missed Buck tonight. Rob Fauld is probably a very nice guy, but it felt weird.


Die Die Die Hutchinson 

If you are calling for a man's death on the internet, at least spell his name correctly. 

Everyone getting hot at once.

It's the fun thing that happens when a team runs into shitty pitching. Stay tuned to the top of the 7th inning for another example.

Hutchison's numbers away from the Rogers Centre are pretty alarming. I don't know how to explain. I just know he basically threw batting practice tonight. Luckily, the offence decided to bludgeon the Red Sox into submission. Still, Hutch gave up 8 ER, most he's ever given up. Not one for the scrapbook.

He really looks awful haha 

Shut up.

Is that really former Cliff Lee trade exchangee Justin Smoak?

Yeah, that's him. He had a pretty great night. He hit his first career triple after 2,316 plate appearances. It was record.

Mookie just died.

Mookie Betts, that was not good. I hope the Sox got him a concussion test. He left with a "back strain".

"Right off the face...." Thanks, Remy. Cause I wasn't sure. 


That was in response to the Pedroia homer. I'm sure Tabby was thrilled.


Tronna fans blaming Gibbons.

Not really.

Your eight-game win streak means nothing to us!

Be patient.

Ok suddenly I am loving this team again. Betts, Swihart, E-Rod, Pedey, Tazawa, fun to watch.

The love fest didn't last very long.

Of course Joe Kelly couldn't just have a nice game where we win 8-1

No. Its gotta be a shitshow.

Because Joe Kelly.

Because Joe Kelly:

8 runs not going to be enough. Ugh

Eight runs really isn't enough. Bludgeoned. Into. Submission.

The runner beat the throw AND Napoli was off the bag.  Double waste of time here.

I was really annoyed at the delay on this. Complete waste of time. Shut up, John Farrell. 

He was quite entertaining on "Intentional Talk" with Millar and Rose today. Grew up a huge Red Sox fan. He was talking about how he had seats behind the first base dugout for Game two of the '04 series.

They are speaking of Colabello, who was indeed very entertaining.  He speaks Italian and he has details about the nap. The Nap.

Also, apparently Encarnacion and Reyes Facetime each other from bed. To recreate the team nap, I'm assuming.

If they blow this...


OK, this doesn't feel good. This would be a very painful loss, so they better bring in somebody who can pitch. I'd get Taz up, quick.

Yeah, that should work.

They're going to lose this fucking game aren't they


Oh look, Fatso got cheeto dust on the ball and couldn't make a play

They have turned on Sandoval (Pedro, apparently, is his first name) hard. You know, he was pretty successful in San Francisco. Maybe it's Boston.

This fucking team...

When I yelled this, I suspect I had a different tone.

Oh. My. God. This team

I mean, my declarations included wonder and awe....

Look at them.

Beauties, each and every one.

boy. some lean years for the sox.

Every time I read this sort of talk from these people, I just roll my eyes. Your ancestors waited 86 years. You have three World Series in this young century. SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES.

This is a bad team, folks. There is no turning it around.

That's it for me. Not wasting anymore of my summer with this horse shit. I'll tune back in if they fire someone of substance. Ben Cherington sucks.

Season is over. 

Farrell needs to go, seriously. This is unacceptable baseball. 

It's his dream job. Jays fans are also ridiculous when the Jays lose, but the Sox fans have this down to an art form.

Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez will make a combined $40 mil this year and so far have been worth -1 war. That's neat.

I hope they call a press conference and have Ben fire Farrell. Then Ben turns around to see John Henry standing there. Then Henry fires Ben.

That would be pretty great.

Fuck it I'm out on this team. I was super excited all spring I held on even though every peripheal said this team was awful. I'm officially done. 3 times in the last 4 years. I would say blow it up but I think Cherington is useless. Time to clear out every talent evaluator in the building. I'm going to focus my irrational hate on Panda. Fuck that dude. I would rather have crawford at 3rd

These people are adorable. And still have a hate on for Carl Crawford. Let it go.

We haven't seen edwin jog around the bases doing his chicken wing strut. We got that going for us tonight 

He's saving it for later this weekend.

It's actually pretty amazing the blue jays traded bullshit for Donaldson while the Sox gave a morbidly obese man 9 digits to play the same position.

I still don't understand it. But it's amazing.

Or that they picked up Justin Smoak for free and he has a 125 OPS+ (before tonight) while Napoli is making $16m

I would kill to know what the Red Sox FO knew about Donaldson's availability

Nothing? Yeah, let's go with that.

Lefty to face Ortiz. Inning over. 

Ortiz actually walked. But whatever, they hate him, too.

I'm not saying they did. I'm just saying I'd really love to know what BB told them when they inquired (because I'm sure they did to cover their bases, right?)

Let it go, You can't have him.

You know what 2015 Boston Red Sox? Just lose. I can root for teams that try hard but lose. Just be losers. That's fine. I've rooted for losing teams and it's a long summer and we'll get through it. But if you insist on this unyielding course of aggressive sucking, losing every possible battle and coming up small at pretty much every critical moment, the y'all can go fuck yourselves.

The winner for most melodramatic comment of the evening. It definitely sucks hard when your team loses, but go out for a walk or something.

Wonder if the jays would be interested in clay

If the Sox just give him to the Jays and he promises not to suck....no, I can't abide cheering for that greaseball.

If you remove the 7th inning, the Sox outscored the Jays 10-4.
That is true. But no one would do that.

"It starts with Clay Buchholz tomorrow" --John Farrell

That was apparently the post-game quote from the old skip. "It" is open to interpretation- team pot luck, team tire fire, team suicide pact.

And that was kind of it.

As a palate cleanser, here's a message from Russell Martin:

That'll play, Coltrane. That'll play.

The Stormin' Mormon

Before I get to the mocking, let me respond to something my good buddy Eyebleaf wrote in the previous post.

The Twins made the playoffs with Santana. And because of that, I'm guessing the fans are a little less impatient with finishing with records better than many a playoff team (particularly in the NL) and still missing the damn show. And who are these prospects and how are they effecting the Twins, right now?

I don't care if JP actually wants to trade Doc. He is rebuilding every year. His stated goal nearly every year is to make the playoffs. Then it doesn't happen and by July he says "AL East...no money...next year." He also says things like "I hope they can finish .500" like that is some sort of lofty goal. Like we, as fans, should appreciate that goal. That we should all say "Well, damn. Is this not the most entertaining .500 team you ever did see? We are so grateful. Ooh free pizza." And I would expect that attitude from casual meat head Torontonians who come to the game to do the wave and entertain themselves when there is no hockey, but to watch the Jays blogging community explain it away is quite discouraging. You can't tell me that when this team was at the top of the division in April and May, the talk of baseball, the story on ESPN, it wasn't the most fun this team has been in years? Why? Because winning is fun.

Being jerked around and patted on the head is not.


Jon Lester has owned the Blue Jays this season. Halliday hasn't won a game in six weeks. Advantage, Sox.

Already, we're off on the wrong foot. His name is HallAday, moron.

Shake off the ASB rust, guys - time to set the tone for the second half. Kick ass and take this series. Leading the way, big game Lester. Show Holiday how its done, Jon - DOMINATE & ANNIHILATE.

Nice pep talk. Very peppy. But who the hell is Holiday? The guy with the big jaw on the A's? I believe he is referring to Doc, but Doc really doesn't need to be shown how it's done.

Is the game on TBS?
No, but your mom is.

This makes no sense, but it's pretty funny.

He is going to get rocked this afternoon. That will give me a boner.

Things got a little flaccid over at SOSH.

Are there any pitchers in the majors you would trade Lester for straight up? I'm thinking maybe Lincecum and Greinke, but that's about it.
Sigh. Lincecum in the AL East would be an interesting test. Small sample size, but he looked a hot mess at the All Star Game. That hurkey, jerky explosion shit is sometimes disaster. But I know nothing.

He (Lester) is a beast. All he needs is 1 run.

Much like your girlfriend, you're gonna be disappointed.

Halladay is getting that call on the outside corner which Lester isn't.
The Sox were especially whiny this series. I thought Youk needed a snack and his diaper changed, he was whining so much in yesterday's game.

but he's giving halladay the outside edges


No he isn't. Halladay got one call off the plate. It's not like he's consistently favoring one pitcher.
A lone voice in the wilderness.

It's a going away present.


Yes, but even one such call in two innings when he's calling pitches that are very close to the plate balls on Lester is crap.Not expecting perfection out of Cooper, but the inequity thus far has factored in.

Someone else needs his diaper changed and a snack.

All the Lugo vitriol is gonna get lobbed at Tek from here on out, I think.

Other suggested candidates are Baldelli, Lowell and Green.

Rod goddamn fucking Barajas? SERIOUSLY JON?

Rod was indeed rowdy. All three runs we're from Barajas.

Brandy Halladay is on the BJs' broadcast, she's the reason I'd be cool with landing Roy on this team.

She is supremely cute. But 'the' reason? Just as a side note, one other loss from a Doc trade would be the work of these two in the Toronto community. They do a lot. Doc's Box is a really great thing. And the pics from Doc giving pitching lessons to those little boys were really damn cute.

Definitely hit the ground. BJs announcers completely denying it too. Laughable.

It was pretty clear on the broadcast replay that Rod gloved that, actually. But maybe this ump was tired of the WHINING.

Late on this but :Halliday...Really?
Yeah, no kidding, man.

So Halladay's certainly found his groove. Hope we can get a run off the Jays pen.


Remember when we used to have that "intelligent" game thread?

Losing 2/3 against this shit team would suck.

Come on, no need to be petty.

How was that interference? Not that I'm complaining.

That was a really weird play.At least Rios got the base anyway.

They're gonna have won 2 out of 3 win his black ass sitting on the bench. Cito should pick up on that and spike his anti-biotics with rat poison.
Ooops....I wandered into DJF for a moment.

It might be just to match up with Lind, who has destroyed the Red Sox RHP.

And now he's destroyed Lester too.

That was a beautiful hit. And a beautiful at bat.

Halladay is going to finish this game with fewer than 100 pitches. Holy fuck.

Holy fuck, indeed.

I think that I like this message board better when the Sox are losing.

OMG, me too!!!!

I hope they trade this son of a bitch to the NL

Resorted to name calling.

I don't think Halladay is getting dealt.

I hope that the Yankees trade Hughes, Montero and Jackson for him, then Halladay gets hit by a bus. That way, the Yanks have no good young players and don't get 2 picks for Halladay in a year and a half.
Again with the casual wishes for violence.

The loss of Hughes will hurt this year but Halladay will help the bullpen overall. With an offense like theirs, he instantly makes them the favorites to win the pennant. Send Joba back to the BP and off they go. He is like Teixeira in that he fits their needs perfectly. Meanwhile the Sox can certainly make room for him but as we all know, he isn't a need.

Yeah, the best pitcher in baseball is never a need. And, I'm sorry...when was Hughes worth Doc? I just know if JP trades Doc to the Yankees, he should ask to be packed in Doc's suitcase.

Some day soon, we're going to learn that Halladay is some kind of advanced android or something. Because he just can't be fucking human.

Better trade Doc now, the Sox fans are on to us.

But Doc might be human afterall, because poor dude can't say Rzepczynski either.

And the Stormin' Mormon came from DJF comments. And I stole it.