Links, cause I'm Lazy

What is up with the Yankee pictures? The Tao, via Twitter, thinks they looks like the work of Mark Schoeller. And I agree they are trying for that look, but here is an actual Schoeller of Manny Ramirez.
The Sports Hernia Blog posted most of the press pics for a few teams, including the White Sox, the Brewers and the Cardinals. The players alternatively look sunburned, hungover, recently arrested, violated or maybe mildly retarded. Funniest caption? I think it's a tie between "Danny Haren somehow thinks he's nude and posing for Hairy Boys magazine." and "Scott Schoeneweis showing genuine concern that he's returning this season as Scott Schoeneweis."

Returning to the subject of Manny, Baseball Musings posted a report that he is preparing for the season in Costa Rica, by hanging with "female company" and not "expecting any photos", especially from people in Red Sox shirts.

Former Can Con of the Blue Jays, Matt Stairs is very popular in Fredricton and Philly. How popular? More than Santa, but less than Chase Utley.

5 (kind of depressing) things to know about the Jays.

Ghostrunner posted the hilarious Conan does old timey baseball clip. Some say it's a waste of time. Some say it's a colossal waste of time. That particular phrase applies to so much.

And look who decided to show up...