A Call for Big Boy Pants

Not much is happening, besides Mitchell and Eckstein. I think I'll write another Mitchell-related post tommorow(you know, when nobody else wants to read/talk about it anymore. That's how I roll.) Jeff Blair was on PrimeTime yesterday and made some interesting points about the report, mostly about how much it smells like bullshit. And for the record, Zaun is denying he ever used and called the report worthless.

Anyway, J.P. did a short Q&A with the Boston Globe and one quote made me snicker a little:

"We feel we have a very good starting pitching staff and we're hoping our guys can stay healthy and mature. You'd always like more pitching, but we're pleased with what we have there."

The funny part? Healthy and mature. Now, he might be referring to the hatchlings, and I'm sure that's what he would say if he were pressed to answer, but that was a total dig at AJ. That was a call for Big Boy Pants.