An Ode to Russ Adams

Yesterday, blinded by love for AJ Burnett, I completely forgot to mention that it was Russ Adams that hit the pinch-hit game winning double in the 8th. Well, Russ, feeling slighted, decided to hit a freaking GRAND SLAM off of Jonathon "The Picker" Pabelbon, turning a very close 2-1 game into a much more comfortable 6-1 pounding. The replays this morning don't show how boss the whole at-bat was.

Running the count to 3-0, taking one pitch, fouling the next off to run it full and then tatooing the next thing he saw into the second deck in right field. Confidence is a glorious thing. Russ, because of his yips last season, spent most of this season in the 'Cuse, was congratulated by his teammates, especially his husband, Aaron Hill. It warmed my heart so.

Oh, and Jesse Litsch got his first win since August and pitched his way out of more than a few jams. Pinkly, roundly and efficiently.

Nostradamus is my dad
Back in about May, my dad was sitting in his backyard and he said to me "You know what this team is going to do? They are going to fall off the pace for the playoffs and then they are going to get hot and play incredibly well."