"That's really all that I have left to dream about and hope about."

I was away and busy, so no baseball. A few quick thoughts:
That was a completely waste of a genius Doc effort.

Fuck the homeplate ump. Yes, Garza pitched really well, but it's easy when pitches on the outside of both sides of the plate are called strikes.

Scott Rolen is hurt, which is why his play has kind of blown. See, puckheads? This is why these guys shouldn't "man up and play hurt." Cause it doesn't work.

Let's just re-up AJ already. I mean, come on. Why go after another free agent who isn't as good? To paraphrase DJF, he's a douche, but he's our douche.

And can we get Manny already? He's a flake, he's weird but he's one of the sickest right handed hitters in the history of the game. Hits a shit load at the Rog Mahal. And it'll give me someone to make fun of if AJ leaves.

I feel strangely ok for staying quiet before the trade deadline.

Oh, I've been wondering where Gregg Zaun has been. Well, here he is! Yeah...Cito isn't much of a fan.

And JP's in fine asshole form here "Part of making a trade is someone has to want you. Right now, there's no one that has expressed an interest in him. That's where we're at."

Translated, it goes like this "Bitch, I took you on when no one wanted your ass cause you were drunk and now you think you can go to the press and bitch about something. Talk to Cito. Motherfucker"